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    March or Chugger Pump, Any Fittings (Upstate NY)

    Hey HBT, I a looking for a pump to simplify my brew day. I am eyeing a chugger for $100 + shipping but was wondering if anyone on the forums had a used one they would let go for cheaper? Thanks!
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    Michigan 1bbl home brewery for sale

    I realize you are trying to sell it as a whole system but if you do eventually part it out, what pump do you have and what would you want for it?
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    Ohio >60 gallon Boil Kettle w/ Ball Valve and Custom False Bottom

    60 Gallon brewpot for $200-250... DAMN! that is a deal. If only I could justify 1.5 bbl batches haha.
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    Rauchbier Red Smoke (Classic Rauchbier)

    Looks pretty tasty! I will have to give it a try some day soon. Unfortunately I just bought up 3 lbs. of hops (Mosaic, Galaxy and Amarillo) that need to be IPA'd in the near future.
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    STC On but Hot/Cool Outlets Don't Work... Help!

    WIN! So after leaving it plugged in for a few minutes I guess it got its bearings. Everything is working and I am very excited for my kegging equipment to show up on the door step! Thank you for your rapid replies and assistance! I love the homebrew community!
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    STC On but Hot/Cool Outlets Don't Work... Help!

    I broke the brass tab after some fighting with larger pliers when I initially wired it. I will plug it in and just let it sit for 10 minutes or so before testing it again. I set the compressor delay to 1 minute for testing and it didn't seem to help.
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    STC On but Hot/Cool Outlets Don't Work... Help!

    Hey HBT, I just wired up my STC and the unit is working but when I plug an outlet checker into the outlets, nothing lights up. It tells me it is because of an open hot but I have no electrical background and need a little help trouble shooting it. Below is a diagram of what I did...
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    Iowa Brand new burner with stand and mash tun

    I just came here to say that you are an amazing human. I don't know you and we may never meet, but you are solid gold.
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    Texas Keezer, Kegs, Double Tap Tower, All Grain Setup

    Any interest is parting it out and shipping, I like the looks of that regulator and manifold.
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    Virginia 4 tap Kegerator

    If you are parting it out I am interested in the regulator, tank and 2 taps. Will send PM as well
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    Bad Santa from BYO

    Wow I forgot about this thread. The Bad Santa is long gone. It took a lot longer to age into perfection than anticipated. That bottle I had at the end of last year was uncarbed and really syrupy. It didn't hit its stride until late summer of this year. Had I saved some it would perfect for...
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    Georgia Keezer/Kegerator items

    Interested in the Regulator. Also second in line for the taps, shanks, lines and manifold if CCBrewer passes.
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    Minnesota Keggerator- 2 taps - complete setup

    Would you ship to 14620? I just want the taps, shanks, regulator... possibly the tank
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    Georgia eKeggle / Keezer / Everything Homebrew

    Would you consider shipping the CO2 tank, taps, shanks and regulator? 14620
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    Mid-Size Chest Freezer (Upstate NY)

    I am looking for chest freezer in the 5-9 cubic foot range to make into a keezer that is appropriate for a small apartment. Craigslist has had a few pop up but they disappear fast. If anyone is in upstate NY and knows of a chest freezer that needs a home, I would appreciate a heads up. I am...
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    Hudson River Craft Beer Festival

    Whose going? Beacon, NY this Saturday at 12:30. Beer, food and fun. After having frequented the Vermont Brewfest for the past 4 years, I am looking forward to seeing what this one has to offer. Also hoping that Southern Tier has a keg of Warlock for me to drink my way through.
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    First Year Woes - No Cones, Short Plant

    Thanks! If I can get it in the ground I will. Otherwise I will build some big ass planter for it.
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    First Year Woes - No Cones, Short Plant

    Hey HBT! Need some advice on my dwarf Zeus. I live in upstate New York (Rochester-Area) and planted a Zeus rhizome I received for free in a 5 or so gallon planter. The planter seems sufficient and I punched holes in it for proper drainage. After about 1.5 months the plant was maybe 3 feet...
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    Upright Keezer / Lager Chamber Build

    I would build a wooden platform... you are going to come home to a hosue full of partially lagered beer some day.
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    Rauchbier Red Smoke (Classic Rauchbier)

    How did this taste? Rauchbier-y?