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    I messed up

    I wasn't worried about the foam, I was worried about it's quick disappearance, but it's returned, so evidently it was a transient of some sort.
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    I messed up

    Thank you for your input; what does FG stand for? Plus, new development: all through the fermentation so far, there's been a white foam on top (it gets dotted w/ wine-colored blobs of foam between stirrings, but is all white immediately after stirring). Now, suddenly, in a matter of (many)...
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    I messed up

    I messed up: I went ahead and started my fermentation w/ incomplete information; primary offense: I didn't take an s.g. reading at the outset (and even if I had, I added more juice and water after a few days, and then maple syrup and water after another few days, so that initial reading would...
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    Already juiced plums, maple syrup instead of sugar?

    Hi, newbie here (to the list and to wine making). I have about 6 liters of plum juice I'd like to make plum wine out of; all the recipes I've found online assume you haven't already juiced the plums, i.e., they give the volume of chopped plums to use: can anyone point me to/provide a recipe in...