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  1. Agentaaron

    Using 5 gallon cornies for 2.5 gallons of beer

    Do you plan on kegging full 5 gallon batches? I recently sold 6 of my 5 gallon kegs on Craigslist to turn around a buy 3 gallon kegs from adventures in home brewing. Still ended up with 6 kegs and some money in my pocket for other stuff. I like to bottle half my batches because they are easier...
  2. Agentaaron

    Kegging without a keezer (temporarily)

    When I have time to wait and my pipeline is full, I simply dissolve 1/2 cup of priming sugar in about a cup of water, dump it in the keg and rack on top of it. I will hit the keg with a quick shot of co2 to seal it and set it aside. When I move the keg to my keezer, I bleed off the pressure and...
  3. Agentaaron

    Show Us Your Label

    Completely new label designs, and two new offerings for this month...Cheers
  4. Agentaaron

    Possible infection?

    First off...I have spigots on all my fermenters, both primary and secondary (because I do not always secondary my beer and bottle/keg right from the fermenter). every time I take a batch off the cake and wash the fermenter, I disassemble the spigot and wash/rinse it thoroughly...before I...
  5. Agentaaron

    Brewing in NM

    All this time on the boards and I just noticed we have our own sub-forum... I am in Belen (just south of Los Lunas for those who may not know). have been brewing since 1999ish, started with a Mr. Beer kit a friend bought me and graduated up to All Grain...lately due to space and time...
  6. Agentaaron

    Show Us Your Label

    Sorry...duplicate post
  7. Agentaaron

    Show Us Your Label

    Working on a few labels...trying to keep them consistent...done in photoshop using borrowed ideas and elements from feedback is welcome and certainly appreciated...Cheers
  8. Agentaaron

    Ministry and beer

    Sorry to bring back such an old thread... I have been looking for ways to incorporate beer and ministry and came across this thread. I will say that I obviously see nothing wrong with being of faith and moderation. Though I would never choose the best beer in the world over my...
  9. Agentaaron

    So, I just bought this...

    Good score for sure... Several times a year, I will throw an ad up on CL that I am looking for 5 gal kegs...I have always had really good luck and can usually get them for around 20-25 a piece. I have all pin locks in my collection, but even if someone has ball locks for sale...I buy them and...
  10. Agentaaron

    Keezer - temp controller probe question

    I placed my probe in a large sandwich bag and put some tape and rubber bands around it...then put it in a half gallon jar of water on the hump ( the opening end of the bag is well out of the water)...I have had my keezer open for a good 20 minutes before without the compressor ever turning on I...
  11. Agentaaron

    Ball or Pin lock????

    I use pin locks just because I had more of them than the ball lock...I don't like switching out disconnects all the time. I do by up ball locks as I come across them on Craigslist...then run them down to my local home brew store, and they swap them out for pin locks
  12. Agentaaron

    Why all the crazy beers?

    As with many, I brew "normal beer" 99% of the time...I may throw in some cherries or fresh oranges to a wheat beer once in awhile I had a peach ale from four peaks brewery in Tempe AZ a few weeks ago that was great...even my non-beer drinking wife liked it, but knowing that fruit beers get old...
  13. Agentaaron

    Natural carbonation in keg...

    D' are correct, I meant 3/16 in. Beer line
  14. Agentaaron

    Natural carbonation in keg...

    In my doesn't matter. I have bled it off and left it in...same results either way... thing I have always done is, once I move it into the keezer, I bleed off the co2 in the keg before hooking up to the gas at 12 psi. After about 24 hours to cool down, my Carb is perfect...
  15. Agentaaron

    How many kegs do you own?

    Not in Rio no...I live south of Albuquerque. Im afraid that wasn't me, my work schedule does not allow me to attend any meetings at all. But if your from around here, I would like to meet up somewhere sometime and have a brew.
  16. Agentaaron

    Natural carbonation in keg...

    My pipeline is large enough that I always naturally Carb in the kegs. I use 1/2 cup of dextrose mixed with about two cups of water and add it to the keg just before I rack As said before want to hit it with 20-30 PSI two or three times to make sure the lid is sealed and to burp out...
  17. Agentaaron

    what is your favorite beer quote?

    "Give a man a beer, and he'll waste an hour...Teach a man to brew, and he'll waste a lifetime" - I forgot
  18. Agentaaron

    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    5 gallons Aussie style 5 gallons bock = 2169
  19. Agentaaron

    How many kegs do you own?

    Currently have 7 cornys and 1 1/6 barrel sanke style from my friends brewery. (Always keep an add up on CL for more though) I have room for 4 in my keezer with three on tap at all times and the others are chillin in the corner of our bedroom waiting for their rotation...I have a good pipeline...
  20. Agentaaron

    What's your profession?

    With a BA in architectural drafting, a BA in graphic design, and an associates in advertising...I work at a friggin bank. The wife, kids and I are moving to Phoenix in May though...hopefully I'll figure out what I wanna be when I grow up soon