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  1. Sonesen


    If a cider went 100% complete fermentation. Will carbonation drops work for their intended purpose? Or should it be bottled when i feel like fermentation in secondary is 98% done to use the drops to have the 2% eat up the carbonation drop sugars?? any advise is good
  2. Sonesen


    Okay. i have a must of something or the other... naturally it is 1.010 gravity.... i want 1.100 before yeast pitch according to people on the interweb .039 points per pound or 453.592 grams of sugar (let me know if im wrong) is there is magic equation to find out how much sugar is needed to...
  3. Sonesen

    best time to add floral or fruit?

    hello, am looking at starting one gallon batches of mead i want to add the following to each one gallon batch, Hibiscus, Butterfly Pea Flower, and the third with fresh juiced cranberries. (thoughts on maybe whole cranberry would be good). i am looking to get a mild floral flavor but still have...
  4. Sonesen

    Hot or cold - Pasturize question??

    Got myself three one gallon batches of cider going, Blueberry, raspberry, and regular. I was researching good methods back sweetening them and then i stumbled into pasteurization. Is this (pasteurization) needed if i am going to completely dry out the cider and use carbonation drops and back...
  5. Sonesen

    Bottle conditioning

    Thanks, this was helpful.
  6. Sonesen

    Bottle conditioning

    Hey folks, got a 14.5% wine that i'm ready to bottle. Has a boozy taste, not yeasty or fizzy. to my understand bottling and time will help that. how long do you think? 6 month in 750ml bottles? was a 6 gallon batch - Blood orange.
  7. Sonesen

    advice on bentonite

    Any advise on bentonite for clearing? When is it a good time to add to wine, at secondary racking, a couple days before bottling? anything helps.
  8. Sonesen

    First Cider

    i will have to better record the brand of cider and the OG from the juice i used. i am starting another 3gallon batch this weekend.
  9. Sonesen

    First Cider

    I figure after the back sweeten, it will raise the gravity, a 5-8 abv cider is a what i wanted. Its a higher abv cider but not as high as i see commercially
  10. Sonesen

    First Cider

    The added sugar is for a higher gravity, my starting OG was 1.036, i wanted a little higher. most juices in stores have added sugars, my juice was the no added sugar type, which I chose to control the gravity level. I plan to back sweeten the cider, which will help with sweetness and and...
  11. Sonesen

    First Cider

    Update: racked the 2 gallons into (2) 1 gallon jugs with a infusers and only one having a bentonite slurry in it. will prime an bottle tomorrow night. SG 1.004
  12. Sonesen

    Recommendation Request

    Perfection, i was looking at brewers grain bag as my strain bag. thank for the advice!
  13. Sonesen

    Recommendation Request

    I am prepping for Salmon Berry wine. I know i will need to strain the berries, what brand of straining bags do you recommend? Thank you
  14. Sonesen

    First Cider

    288 floz of apple juice 1 lbs golden brown sugar 1 packet Safale us-05 1 tbsp yeast energizer OG 1.070 Started fermenting withing hours. Plan: rack into two 2 gallon jugs, one is reg hard cider, other, blood orange will be add along with pectic enzyme for clarity. Will update at first rack...
  15. Sonesen


  16. Sonesen

    Chill out or be concerned?

    Alrighty folks, got fermentation! i chucked it up to the cold here. I place my jug in a warmer area and it's looking good. Pulled a gravity sample last night too, 1.100. (tho could be off a little due to inexperience with hydrometers)
  17. Sonesen

    Chill out or be concerned?

    i am starting with a gallon right now. i was just worried that i may have over heated the yeast. another question, if the yeast doesn't have a full time as per direction to activate, will that be a concern or will it activate either way? i am seeing some folks add yeast direct to the must...
  18. Sonesen

    Starter Tips

    I am making a gallon batch here soon, most recipes and how-to's are for 5 gallon. any tips are a big help.
  19. Sonesen

    Chill out or be concerned?

    The temp 90F, when it should have 85, will have the gravity later.
  20. Sonesen

    Chill out or be concerned?

    How concerned do i need to be if i may have pitched my yeast and little too soon and a little to hot? i have some sediment in the bottom which is concerning, due to me thinking its the yeast (dead), i may have fudged that bit up and will need to add new yeast so the new yeast can feed on that...