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  1. MrYoda

    Can I wash Cider yeast instead of making a starter?

    Howdy all, I wanted some feedback while I think through some things! I've got probably 50-60 brews under me, and I'm feeling pretty good about the brewday process, but I'm still quite a novice when it comes to yeast. I've recently gotten a stir plate/beaker but i've never made a real starter...
  2. MrYoda

    Sunflower as a substitute adjunt for peanuts?

    Howdy all, and thanks up front for your help/patience; I'm just (starting) to get confident in brewing and apprecite the community's help a ton! My friend is a big fan of the popular chocolate peanut butter porter "sweet baby Jesus" but his family is *highly* allergic to peanuts and he can't...
  3. MrYoda

    Peanut Substitute?

    Howdy all, I've got a few brews under my belt but i'm just now getting into making my own recipes (thanks beersmith!) so please be gentle! My friend is a huge fan of a popular Peanut Butter Porter, Sweet Baby Jesus, but his daughter is highly allergic to peanuts and i'm on the hunt for a...
  4. MrYoda

    DuClaw's Sweet Baby Jesus Clone

    Hey yall, i'm about to do a Sweet Baby Jesus Clone and wanted to see if any of yall had thoughts on the extract idea since this was posted. Thanks!
  5. MrYoda

    Did I mess up my first lager?

    This is literally the best news I could have hoped for! Thanks for the protips guys I set it to 55 and I'll hope for the best!
  6. MrYoda

    Did I mess up my first lager?

    S-23? The lagering temp (at least how I read it on brewsmith) was 2 weeks at 67 and then one week at 65
  7. MrYoda

    Did I mess up my first lager?

    Okay, so I'm pretty embarrassed to say this but I was using my Kegerator as a fermentation chamber and I thought that was laugering at 67 °f but it turns out I was fermenting at 45°f because I didn't set my temperature right. I can hear that there's pretty active fermentation going on but I'm...
  8. MrYoda

    "universal" poppets?

    Thanks all for the feedback! I was surprised at the hesitance b/c this page seemed so warm to them. Has anyone tried them and found them wanting? @renthispace- Here are the four I am considering (least being #4 and top choice being #1) although I may yet be convinced not to go with the...
  9. MrYoda

    "universal" poppets?

    @Nuggethead, did you have some fail on you? And if so, just how bad of a fail are we talking about? I'm basically trying to decide if the 'fail' is bad enough to deter me from a 15$ order to test on.
  10. MrYoda

    "universal" poppets?

    Hey all, (This is my first post, so please be gentle.) After getting my hands on my first Corny Keg/Kegerator, I noticed that the Gas-in line was leaking at the poppet (sadly, just after filling it with beer!) I used a generous amount of lube and used new gaskets so I'm thinking the...