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  1. dougdecinces

    Young festbier = Kellerbier?

    I brewed a festbier three weeks ago for a competition in early July. I just pulled a sample from my keg. Fully carbed, it looks and tastes just like a Kellerbier. It's slightly hazy with a slight yeasty, green apple flavor. I'm debating the merits of bottling some off now and entering in the...
  2. dougdecinces

    Haier HF71CL53NW Chest Freezer

    Does anyone own this chest freezer? I'm looking to convert it into a fermentation chamber to fit three ball lock kegs or two 6.5 gallon carboys. Is it big enough to fit those?
  3. dougdecinces

    Where to find 3/4" Weldless fittings

    I am trying to convert my 12 gallon rectangular cooler into a hot liquor tank and I cannot for the life of me find any weldless fittings for it. The drain plug was 3/4" so I have a 3/4" brass nipple hooked up to a 3/4"x1/2" FPT reducer, but finding a silicone o-ring and metal washer to seal her...
  4. dougdecinces

    Activity of Old Lambic when transferred to fruit.

    I've always had my sours take off again when adding fruit, but it usually takes a few days to a couple weeks. I purge my carboys with CO2 as well, so I don't worry about it.
  5. dougdecinces

    Session red RyePA malt bill critique

    My LHBS recently got some Bestmalz Red X that I was hoping to use. I also wanted to brew a session IPA soon, so I decided to combine both into one project. I know session IPAs are supposed to be more malty than regular IPAs so the low gravity can counteract the hops. Since I have never done a...
  6. dougdecinces

    Tart and Funky Saison

    I have a three gallon lunchbox-style cooler which I use for sour mashes. I set my sour mash up at about 125-130 and after 48 hours it's still at 110. But you can always start off with a thick mash and add boiling water periodically if need be to get the temperatures up.
  7. dougdecinces

    Cream corn DMS off flavor, All Grain

    I don't mean to be a thread hijacker, but I just tapped a supposed to be blonde ale that had a moderate amount of DMS. I brewed this on a prototype of a Blichmann electric pot. It was only 120V and because of this I only boiled off about 0.45 gal in an hour. This is the only thing I could think...
  8. dougdecinces

    Brettanomyces Lambicus starter

    Me? It was 2:1 2 row to pilsner with about 7% crystal 40 and 15 IBU of Glacier hops at 60 minutes. I wanted something very simple to let the yeast and chocolate shine through.
  9. dougdecinces

    Brettanomyces Lambicus starter

    I brewed a 100% brett lambicus blonde ale three weeks ago. Using Wyeast's lambicus blend, I had hoped to get a big cherry pie nose, but the first sample I pulled this morning only has mild cherry flavors and moderate funk. I was planning to add cacao nibs and secondary and try to make a...
  10. dougdecinces

    Tart and Funky Saison

    And if you use Lacto brevis, you don't have to worry about hopping. I would hop it like you would a normal saison for more balance. And if you haven't used Wyeast 3726, try to ferment it in the mid-high 70's. At lower temperatures it is a bubble gum bomb, but it develops a lot more of that...
  11. dougdecinces

    Tart and Funky Saison

    I was going to recommend this. I took about 30% of my grist and sour mashed it for three days. I added it at the last 15 minutes of my mash. This way you can lock in the sourness how you want it and don't have to worry about a long turnaround. I did this for a Kentucky Common that won blue...
  12. dougdecinces

    Good Morning Magpie (Mulberry Mead w/ Coffee)

    US-05 works fine, too. I've made it with that yeast before with no problem.
  13. dougdecinces

    100% Brett Lambicus Temperature/lag time issues

    It is Wyeast. I have done 100% Brett Brux Trois beers several times, but this is my first Lambicus beer. Trois is a fast mover, so I was surprised at the long lag time with the Lambicus. According to calculators, I pitched about 1.25 billion cells/ml/degree plato, but it still took over 48 hours...
  14. dougdecinces

    Sour Stout

    I think it looks fine. Give it a whirl and tell me how it is in 18 months.
  15. dougdecinces

    100% Brett Lambicus Temperature/lag time issues

    I brewed 3 gallons of a blonde ale to ferment with 100% brett lambicus. I made a 1.75 L starter and ran it for two weeks. It's currently sitting at 65 degrees, but over 30 hours later there has been no signs of activity. My starter took about three days to take off, so I expect some lag time...
  16. dougdecinces

    Barleywine with sherry flor yeast?

    My new plan is to try this as a braggot. Maybe make 2 gallons of a 15-16% ABV mead with Sherry flor and 3 gallons of a 7-9% ABV strong ale and blending the two. But like I said, I've got three or four less complicated projects planned first, but this is something I am hoping to revisit.
  17. dougdecinces

    Sour Stout

    I bottled it in July and cracked open a few bottles in September. Since then I have been letting them age. I'll post some tasting notes next time I try one.
  18. dougdecinces

    Sour Stout

    What he said. Use debitterized malts and you'll be fine. Mine had some mild to moderately harsh roasty notes, but that's probably more due to the 1.005 FG than anything else. You can get good chocolate flavors from Carafa 2. And if it's not "stout" enough for you, what's stopping you from adding...
  19. dougdecinces

    Barleywine with sherry flor yeast?

    I still haven't gotten around to it. I have a lot of batches lined up. I will let everyone know if/when I do it.
  20. dougdecinces

    That "cheerios" character after bottling

    Odd, in October my friends and I bottled a batch of a Belgian Strong Ale aged in an infected apple brandy barrel. All of us used champagne yeast to carb our batch except for one person who used the CBC yeast. Three months later and all of ours have the "mouse taint" flavor except for him.