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    20g Stout/Kal Build and Bar

    Looking good
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    20g Stout/Kal Build and Bar

    sub :mug:
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    Unveiling my brewery & garage build

    Very Nice
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    Brewtius Maximus/The Braxton 10 – Complete Single Tier Build

    How did you make out with the burner heights? If I remember right there was some concern with it being too close to the pots.
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    Well its done, I won my ebay auction for the refractometer. 27.00 shipped to me, even if it is crap I guess I won't be out that much lol. This is the one I got...
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    I should have said I am thinking of 3 mounted to a single tier brew stand
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    Hi all, I am thinking about building my own brew setup but know nothing about the burner side of things. Going to go with propane. First question is what is the difference between low and high pressure propane as far as I'm thinking of using propane tanks, don't have a domestic propane for the...
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    I watched the video on this site and he said you can't take a fg with that refractometer. First is that true of all of them and if so how come?
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    I like the SG scale better than the brix scale just because it seems to make more sense to me for some reason.
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    Looking for an opinion to see what you all think about this refractometer if it's any good. :mug:
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    Festa Brew

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the correct topic to be posting in here but I figured if anyone would know the answer to this one you all would. If you take a Festa Brew wort kit and added 2 cups of corn sugar to it. Would it 1) add much alcohol content to the finished product and 2) would it...
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    I was thinking of a complete computer controlled system. I have seen some systems in dev that worked ok. The building wouldn't be a problem for me, I can follow directions lol, the computer systems would be no problem either as I am a computer tech. My problem would be the programming, I'm not a...
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    I was just wondering if there is a website like is for electric brew systems or a step by step instructions online for building an automated system? :mug:
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    Hidden Creek E-brewery build

    cool build
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    I have been thinking on subscribing to a magazine and just wondering which Beer Mag to get. What do you all like and is there and good Canadian ones? Tks