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    Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale

    Those two beers aren't even comparable... Though, I do like Dead Guy....
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    Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale

    Alltime fave beer... Have a bomber in the fridge at all times.. Probably drink 1 or 2 a week
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    My Kegerator - The Piano Bar!

    That's really cool... Nice job...
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    Mase's First Brew Day Check-list

    I couldn't disagree more... You should always take a hydrometer reading regardless of the brew method...
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    Is Green Color bad?

    OMG! THAT LOOKS TERRIBLE!! You need to let it finish and send it to me when it's bottled... Kidding.. it's fine
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    preparing for texas heat

    Swamp cooler is easiest most cost effective way...
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    Mase's First Brew Day Check-list

    Only thing I would change is make a starter...
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    Today's excursion

    Dale's is a great beer!
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    Show us your Kegerator

    Wow... that is fantastic... nicely done
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    "Guilty" confessions of a beer enthusiast

    When I was a home owner there was almost nothing as cool as a "PBR Shower Beer" after mowing the lawn... Kinda weird but half over my head and half in my belly.. Really refreshing...
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    Sometimes my own "Beer Snobbery" is frustrating to me...

    Sometimes I wish I could like BMC.. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper as far as commercial beers go...
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    What breweries have you toured/visited

    Let's see... Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY) Hooker Brewery (Bloomfield, CT) Captain Lawrence (Pleasantville, NY) Harpoon (Boston, MA) Sam Adams (Boston, MA) This summer I'm hitting Omegang...
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    Is my beer dead? (pictures)

    Hops generally fade some over time (depending on style/recipe) but I think yours will come out as the beer ages and the esters fade out... All things considered.. RDWHAHB :)
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    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    End thread :)
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    WLP400 versus Wyeast Witbier 3944

    Excellent.. Thanks!
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    WLP400 versus Wyeast Witbier 3944

    Looking at doing the AHS Belgian White Beer: I was wondering which yeast would be better... Does it really matter?
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    Recipe Question - CTZ IIPA

    Thanks for the recipe...looks like I will follow that and use ctz at all additions...should be interesting :)
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    Stella Clone Brew day tomorrow!

    I would follow AHS directions to the tee... I haven't done a lager but the steeping question would be answered in those directions. GOOD LUCK! PS: I wouldn't do any alcohol boost at all ... Stella is designed to be a session beer... no reason to change that IMO
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    Recipe Question - CTZ IIPA

    I said pliny grain bill :) but yeah...not sure about the hops part...I haven't used ctz much so I don't know what to do...
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    Recipe Question - CTZ IIPA

    I recently purchased a pound of CTZ hops... I was thinking about using the Pliny the Elder grain bill and using CTZ hops for my hops bill.... (It's an All-grain recipe) Does anyone have any suggestions about the hop schedule for this? I was thinking of something like... 90 - 2oz 60 - 2 oz...