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  1. J


    Try chewing on your tongue for a while! I had a seizure on Sunday and bit my tongue. No beer was involved... but it does help dull the pain! :)
  2. J

    It's my birthday...

    Bottled my 1st batch two days ago. I've got 50 bottles, wait, 49. Think I will have another. Carbonation is working (yes I know it is too early to drink it) but... YouTube - Shorty it's your birthday :ban::rockin:
  3. J

    My First Label...

    Going good. Business is slow. Yeah, I do AutoCAD, Softplan, Alibre Design. These are the design programs I'm most familiar with.
  4. J

    My First Label...

    How about... Deluge Brewery
  5. J

    My First Label...

    How about this...
  6. J

    My First Label...

    Thought I would try it in AutoCAD. :D
  7. J

    You've all got one. Show us yours !!!!

    Not mine, but I like the idea!
  8. J

    Yeast sediment in your microbrew...

    How many of your microbrews have you come across that have yeast sediment in the bottle? It's not an issue for me, just interesting when I saw it in the Loose Cannon Hop3. They even mention it on the side of the bottle.
  9. J

    What the hell's an IPA?

    Just bought some Loose Cannon Hop3.
  10. J

    What the hell's an IPA?

    In Athens GA today. I'm gonna swing by the local homebrew store to see if they have any IPA kits. :D
  11. J

    Study finds beer not linked to beer belly

    Yeah right. And beans don't make you fart. :ban:
  12. J

    Best All-Time Rock Ballad

    You got a vote here for Tesla.
  13. J

    What the hell's an IPA?

    D A M N That DFH 90min has kicked me hard! Now I know why they sell it in a 4 pack. :drunk:
  14. J

    DFH 90min sent me here in a hurry...

    Dang, I am a big guy, but that beer has a kick. :drunk: Think I will grab another :mug:
  15. J

    What the hell's an IPA?

    OK, Just got home from the store. Finishing my first DFH 90min. Very sweet and smooth... To me the taste stays the same with no varying after taste. It sure has a kick! I also bought some more Sweetwater IPA, wanted to compare the two since Sweetwater seems to be staying on top. So...
  16. J

    Kids in Wal-Mart! Ahhhhh!

    :D The best part!
  17. J

    2007 big foot

    Darn, I thought I was gonna see a monster truck
  18. J

    What the hell's an IPA?

    Don't feel bad, I didn't realize that I bought the 60 min. :eek: :D Not sure if they sell the 90 min... I will have to look next time.