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    Turn imperial stout to normal?

    The hopping is different for an imperial than it is for a stout. If you leave it as an imperial it will be under hopped. You are safe to add your water prior to bottling, most of the big breweries (Bud, Coors, Miller) do this to get more volume.
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    I'm a little behind in my reporting. 19,243+ 25 gallons Pale Ale 03/14 25 gallons Red Ale 04/14 25 gallons Rye IPA 05/14 25 gallons Golden Ale 06/14 19,343
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    Brewstand Regrets?

    I built a 3 tier monstrosity my first time out. I learned from that and built a 2 tier automated brewery. Now I can brew under my patio. Go with a single tier low enough to see in the pots and you will be happy, you just have to invest in pumps.
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    Tri-clamps vs Camlocks

    Both take two hands to operate but the CL's are smaller and cheaper. I put all CL's on my brewery and I'm happy with them, just keep a rag handy because there's always a bit of liquid in them when you pull them off.
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    Ran into the anti-extract sentiment last night...

    I've been brewing 20 years and not once have I criticized anyone's beer. I have pointed out defects and how to fix them but even if it was horrible I never say anything disparaging, I keep it positive and offer to help.
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    187 brew sculptures

    Mine used to be on that list. They got rid of a few pages. Edit. I found my old brewery #149
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    Warming a fermentation chamber

    I've used a 60w light bulb for heat. It's just enough to warm it up without the refrigerator having to work overtime to compensate.
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    DIY inexpensive SS flow restrictor to solve foam problems.

    The restriction is only at the head so it won't really solve the problem of Co2 coming out of solution at high pressure. If the beer had to go through the threads you would get better restriction but it would never seal in the dip tube.
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    would this make a good 475 gallon fermenter??

    It says it is a fermenter but for what? Harvesting yeast will not be easy.
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    Counterflow vs Plate Chiller

    I have a convoluted chiller and it works great. The only difference between that and a plate chiller is the size and the cost.
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    Leftover soda

    I had one I couldn't get the rootbeer smell out of even after changing the o-rings. I made 5 gallons of lemonade and used that keg now it no longer smells like rootbeer.
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    Some questions on building a keggle hop spider

    Here is mine built with an insinkerator ring..
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    "polishing your keg" is more than a clever euphemism

    I have 40 cornys so that would only be $1,600.00.
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    Has anyone modded bathroom scales to gauge beer left in kegs?

    When I hear phssssssssssssssst and foam comes out I know it's time to put a fresh keg in.
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    Portable Wooden Tap Box?

    We built this for a two tap hopback, it sits on a table and the kegs are on ice under it.
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    This is much easier and prevents the braid from flopping around.
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    Is sanding a Sanke Keg hazardous?

    You should wet sand stainless and use a fine grit. You do not want to put any deep scratches in it.
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    Things SWMBO says on brewday:

    I've been brewing for 20 years and I've been with my wife for longer than that. She still asks me if I can "finish early".
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    scrap brew stand

    I agree, you will need better airflow from the bottom. The wood will also scorch from the heat, it may not catch fire but you will smell it. You should also consider bracing the back to keep it from twisting under the weight.