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    heat-controlled fermenting box

    Numerious previous posts say that the light from a light bulb has no affect on the beer. Its only a particular ray from the sun that affects it. If your paranoid, you could use a dark colored shirt.
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    Exploding bottles

    Ive been looking for someone with a root beer recipie they liked. Do you still have yours? Do have an idea why you produced exploding bottles?
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    Exploding bottles

    LMAO! Man i think i joined this site a little too late. :)
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    Good Lord I Think I Busted This One!!!

    You can also ferment lager yeast at ale temps. Theres many posts on this. There is many ways of doing things, reserch, get lots of opinions, and experiment. Have fun.
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    I use corn sugar to prime my brews too. I find that at around 2-3 weeks youll get the carbonation needed for drinking. Having said that, youll get a much better beer the longer it sits. I usually cant wait either so i try one at the 2 and 3 week marks and usually start drinking when its...
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    The Great Fridge Project

    tnlandsailor, I was thinking about the freezer on your new beer cooler. Now I dont know much about refrigerators so this is all a shot in the dark. Are there two compressors in a refrigerator that control the frezzer and the fridge seperatly? How is the frezzer colder than the fridge? What...
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    Finally kicked my apricot ale from Feb

    Heres an apricot ale I used. Apricot Ale Ingredients 3lbs. Muntons wheat dry malt 2.2lbs. Coopers wheat malt extract (liquid) Nottingham dry ale yeast 4oz. Apricot extract ¾ cup corn sugar (priming) 1 oz. Tettnanger hop pellets 60min 1 oz. Tettnanger hop pellets 10min Steps...
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    LME vs. DME

    Interesting. While I dont use LME much anymore, im going to try that next time. :) Im like you though, no matter how hard I try, im still going to make some sort of mess. Im a pretty good cook, but the kitchen is a disaster when I make big meals. :)
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    LME vs. DME

    The DME is so much easyer to use too. When I use LME I try to get every last drop out of the can, which is not very easy, and i seem to get that crap all over my hands and I always drop some on the way to the garbage can. Its very sticky and I just dont like working with it.
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    New father bragging...

    Thanks guys, im really excited. She comes home today so now the real fun begins. Good luck cheesefood, post up some pics when you have yours. :)
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    New father bragging...

    As of thursday December 8th, 2005 I officially became a father. Louryn Mae Brady has come into my life to steal my heart and never return it. :) She weighs 6lbs 14 oz and is just beautiful. Pics of me and my girl!
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    Tell me how this should finish ...

    warm it up and youll have coffee :)
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    Out of control foam!!!!!

    Thanks for the advice. Im using a plastic primary, what are they like 6-6.5 gal. I had to use my racking tube for a blow off, its all i could come up with at 11pm when it started to take over my airlock.
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    Out of control foam!!!!!

    I just used my first blow off the other day and i cant clean the frekan hose. That stuff is like glue in there. I soaked it in dish soap for a whole day and got nowhere. Anyone have suggestions?
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    Wish me luck

    I cant even compare yet, the most potent hops ive used so far is cascade :) Have fun!
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    Which Bench Capper

    Off topic, but everytime i see a post from el pistolero and that picture under his name, i cant help but thinking that its a picture of him. :p
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    Blow Off Tube

    You really think that unsanitized "stuff" is going to crawl 3 feet back up my tube in two days and contaminate my beer? All while it is still fermenting a little? I kinda dought it. But its never bad to be over cautious.
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    Blow Off Tube

    I had to make my first blow-off last week on a hefe, and I just left the blow off on for the duration on the primary. By the time the blow off was done serving its purpose it only had 2 days left in the primary, i thought, whats the use of switching it out now. Its now going to hurt anything.
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    Finally kicked my apricot ale from Feb

    I just finished off my apricot ale also. I traded one with Scott and he wrote a detailed critque here: I dont think it was a clone of anything in particular, but the author/creator won several awards with in in competitions. If your...
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    Corn Sugar

    I use corn sugar to prime my bottles. Its worked out good so far for me. Ive been told that it will give a "cidery" taste to the beer if you dont let it age about 3 weeks before you drink it. I dont have a really good tast for beer yet so I cant really say.