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    Best NEIPA hop combos

    I'm sorry, I just don't get anything "tropical" from Amarillo. They're just plain tinny/metallic to me.
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    Best yeast for Trillium clone?

    Wyeast 1098, WLP007 or Conan per Jean-Claude Tetreault himself.
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    Pumpkin Pie Spice Ale

    I've added things to a carbonated keg in the past. Just try to gently add a spice tea, don't just dump it in.
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    I'm here at work chewing Extra Cinnamon gum and realizing that this has the essence of Pumking.
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    It's gotta be butter, right?
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    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    Anyone catch that Misfits reunion live? I was pretty excited watching on Periscope, love them.
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    Grapefruit Juice in Beer

    I did I grapefruit session IPA that turned out surprisingly better than I had expected. I didn't dry hop but hit it hard with the flameout additions. After fermentation, I sprayed two large grapefruits with starsan and zested them, no white, just peel. I "dry hopped" for two days, I recommend...
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    Is there a way to measure the strength of Acid Malt?

    I doubt there is a way. Omit it from your mash. Check the pH, 1 oz will lower your mash pH by .1. This is what I do.
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    Love the Milligan character, it's played well. The butcher was in Breaking Bad too I believe?
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    BrewersBest - American IPA(BIAB) How to reduce bitterness?

    By start you mean 60 minutes? If you want to reduce the biterness, add the hops later in the boil or add less.
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    Favorite columbus hop recipies

    Columbus and Mosaic are like peas and carrots or peanut butter and jelly or…
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    Niagara Falls

    Goat Island on the American side.
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    Equinox and Exp 6277

    The aroma of 6277 reminded me of Amarillo but maybe a bit more pungent.
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    liver health and homebrewing

    Sure did, I went from close to 60 on my ALT to 35 after three months.
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    liver health and homebrewing

    A suppliment that helped to lower my liver enzymes: Milk thistle
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    A Great Grapefruit Recipe help.....

    The key to grapefruit I believe is in the zest, not the juice. I soaked the zest of four grapefruits in 300 MLs of vodka for a couple weeks, then I strained and added it to the keg. The grapefruit is certainly present in the flavour and aroma but I would probably just dry hop with it next time.
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    Belma Hops

    Made an American Wheat with several late hop additions and a three ounce dry hop. While it does provide a snappy bitterness, I found it to be an unremarkable hop overall. Some fruit but no strawberry and very little citrus.
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    Hops That Blend With Columbus

    I've used, and loved both as a single hop but the two together (2 oz each dry hopped) create an aroma of tropical goodness I've never been able to duplicate with any other combo. I'm telling you, it's impressive.
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    Hops That Blend With Columbus

    Mosaic and Columbus create a synergy that defies logic.
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    1st Time Kegger: Losing pressure?

    how much pressure in your tank?