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  1. GrainDegenerate

    How to use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate)?

    I bought TSP (Trisodium phosphate) to clean my new fermenter but now I have approx. 1kg (LHBS didn't have smaller packages) of this stuff around. Now I am trying to figure out a way to fit TSP in my cleaning routine. Can I use TSP as a detergent when cleaning my equipment? There is any...
  2. GrainDegenerate

    Water Treatment with tap water

    I am not in the US, so no Walmart. :( As for RO waste, I don't think I would be able to use it all, by my calculations for a 20L batch I would have 100L or more of waste water. That's simple too much, I don't have use for all that.
  3. GrainDegenerate

    Water Treatment with tap water

    I am new in the water treatment for brewing. So not sure what would be narrow ranges, this are the values I have: <min> - <avg> - <max> Calcium: 38.27 - 40.55 - 43.8 Magnesium: 7.83 - 8.95 - 9.91 Sodium: 57.5 - 66.4 - 77.6 Chloride: 83 - 93 - 105 Sulfate: 40 - 46 - 52 Carbonate: 147 - 153 - 156
  4. GrainDegenerate

    Water Treatment with tap water

    My water provider give the water analysis every quarter with minimum/average/maximum of every item needed for brewing. I input the average into BrewFather but never added any salts. Since RO filters are not an option as they have too much waste and distilled water is a lot of work (local...
  5. GrainDegenerate

    Baltic Porter

    Final version of this recipe, I will brew over the weekend.: Vitals Original Gravity: 1081 Final Gravity: 1020 IBU (Tinseth): 37 BU/GU: 0.46 Color: 77 EBC / 39 SRM Malts (8.23 kg / 18.14lbs) 5 kg (60.8%) — Weyermann Barke Munich Malt 2 kg (24.3%) — Weyermann Barke Pilsner 410 g (5%) — Thomas...
  6. GrainDegenerate

    Baltic Porter

    Yes, I did. The original recipe was with D-90 but both my LHBS didn't have them on stock only the clear candi sugar in rocks.
  7. GrainDegenerate

    Baltic Porter

    Cool. I'll try that, not sure if I'll manage to do 10L because my smallest fermenter is 10L total, so I'll probably do 8L or so.
  8. GrainDegenerate

    Baltic Porter

    Thank you for all the feedbacks. I decided to make some adjustments and got this recipe below. ------ 70% efficiency Batch Volume: 20 L / 5 gal. Boil Time: 60 min Vitals Original Gravity: 1.083 Final Gravity: 1.022 ABV: 8.0% IBU (Tinseth): 39 BU/GU: 0.46 Color: 71 EBC / 36 SRM Mash...
  9. GrainDegenerate

    Baltic Porter

    I don't think I've ever drank a traditional Baltic Porter. The ones available to me are mostly from Pohjala and some local breweries.
  10. GrainDegenerate

    Baltic Porter

    Yeah, I know! I have my fair share of high gravity ales (Double/Triple IPAs, Belgian Tripel, Stouts, etc..) but lager is my first one. The profile of WY2633 yeast got my attention that's why I want to use it, one tactic I used before in high gravity ales with success is pitching a neutral more...
  11. GrainDegenerate

    Baltic Porter

    Interesting. I'll consider that, but I would like to get the baltic porter fermenting over the winter to take advantage of the cold weather, especially for lagering.
  12. GrainDegenerate

    Baltic Porter

    MultiStep starter: 2 steps of 3L.
  13. GrainDegenerate

    Baltic Porter

    Recently I got addicted to Baltic Porter so I decided to make one. It will be my first lager, so I'll try to take advantage of the cold weather in the winter to brew this one. I have a semi temperature controlled fermenter (conical fermenter with heating + ice bucket with pump and coil) that...
  14. GrainDegenerate

    Irish Red Ale - Substituição de malte

    Fala Pessoal! Peguei a seguinte receita para uma Irish Red Ale (20L): Grãos 8.0 lb Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt 0.38 lb Victory® Malt 0.38 lb Roasted Barley 0.38 lb Crystal 40 0.38 lb Biscuit® MD&#8482; Hops 1.0 oz Fuggle (US) 40 min 1.0 oz Fuggle (US) 15 min Minha duvida...
  15. GrainDegenerate

    Adaptador do manômetro não funciona na minha garrafa

    Tenho algumas garrafas de 330ml ao tentar colocar o manômetro nelas percebi que elas são da Owen Illinois, justamente a que o adaptador não funciona. Alguém sabe onde eu posso encontrar adaptador que funcione nessa marca? A única diferença notável é perto da boca, a Owen Illinois, a direita...
  16. GrainDegenerate

    Manômetro para garrafa

    Fala galera, Comprei um manômetro com adaptador para garrafa na WE Consultoria e umas garrafas de 330ml em uma outra loja, a BrewHeadShop. No site da WE diz que não funciona com garrafas Owen lllinois, e advinha quais são as marcas das garrafas que comprei (não estava especificado a marca...
  17. GrainDegenerate

    Fermentação - densidade

    Fiz minha primeira cerveja, 10L de uma Irish Red Ale, receita que veio junto com o meu kit. Cometi alguns erros, segundo li na internet, parece que não fiz a recirculação por tempo suficiente e não oxigenei o mosto antes de colocar a levedura (apesar de que eu deixei o mosto cair bem no...
  18. GrainDegenerate

    Chiller com bomba

    Fala pessoal! Fiz minha primeira brassagem, uma Irish Red Ale, e tomei uma boa surra na hora de resfriar sem Chiller. Com isso o Chiller subiu de prioridade na minha lista de upgrade de equipamentos. Eu queria fazer o seguinte, colocar um isopor com gelo e água e fazer uma bomba puxar essa...