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    It's got no flavor

    Bottle carb it. I find my cider pretty boring when it's not carbed, but once it is, to me it "comes alive".
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    Failed wild ferment - Salvage attempt

    Sequoiacider: if I may ask, how do you cover your carboys? (airlock/towel/nothing?) The reason I ask is that I always assumed that a good contact with air should be beneficial to get a good fermentation going. I'm trying to understand what happened. If this was caused by low temperature, then...
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    Sparkling Cider Bottling Equipment Questions

    I use 500 and 330 ml beer bottles without threads. Cheap, easy to cap and easy to write what it is on the cap with a sharpie. I also use a few 750 ml sparkling wine bottles that can be capped with a beer cap. If you plan on a very high level of carbonation, champagne bottles will be stronger as...
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    Newbie mistake?

    This. Take a sample and report back, this will eliminate the guesswork of how much sugar is left.
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    Wild fermentation with Grocery store Apples?

    My 2 cents: Even if the apples are treated, I don't think the natural yeast inside is dead, but even if it was, you can still try a wild ferment, I guess the yeast in your environment would "find" the apple juice.
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    Carbonation Confusion

    The way I see it, it will all ferment anyway, so might as well add it right now, or it will just make the whole process longer. I've also read that about adding to secondary would keep more flavor, but meh... If you let it all ferment and age, I don't see how that would make a significant...
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    How important is topping off?

    This is also how I see it.
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    Carbonation Confusion

    Hi, RDWHAH. it all looks good to me. Soon you'll have some nice sparkling cider.
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    Over oaked blueberry wine

    I bought what was at my LHBS: American, medium toast. I didn't take precise measurements, so don't take my word for it, but I think it would make sense to start with a small handful (1-2 tablespoons/volume of a golf ball) of chips for a 5-gallon batch. Then sample after a few days, weeks, etc...
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    Over oaked blueberry wine

    I can't answer for the OP, but since I've started to add oak chips to my blueberry wine last year, I like the results and have added some to this year's batches.
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    Low-alcohol fruit wine

    Well, the 15 lbs figure might have been for a 5-gallon batch, and it's pretty extreme. I think many of the recipes that can be found online call for around two pounds of sugar per gallon of finished product, and it seems that the expected OG is 1,090 on average. Basically what I'm talking about...
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    Low-alcohol fruit wine

    Greetings everyone, I'm making blueberry wine with my own blueberries. Most recipes call for what I would say is a considerable amount of sugar; around 10-15 lbs for a 4-gallon batch. This year the harvest was pretty good and I started 4 batches. Adding that much sugar somehow doesn't seem...
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    Maple cider?

    The only amount I have in my notes from six years ago is 15ml per liter. I can't guarantee how well it would work.
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    Is the cider bad?

    Does that top layer (about 1/2 inch) feel like a kind of jelly?
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    Maple cider?

    Hi, I've done many batches in which I added maple syrup, both at the beginning and for bottle carbonation. In my experience, I couldn't detect any maple flavor in the finished product. However I feel better knowing that I've used a local, organic product that was made by my family, rather than...
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    EC-1118 stuck after 48hrs?

    Good! I would suggest a towel instead of the airlock for the first few days.
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    Quince Wine

    Salut Apimyces, I had to google quince, I didn't know they grow around here (I also had to google Lochaber!) I can't really help, but I was wondering, did you plant the tree yourself? Also, I would have thought the fruits would be cooked before extracting, but again I'm no expert.
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    How should it taste after primary ferment?

    Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew ;) Indeed, 1 2/3 packets of yeast sounds like a lot, but I don't think it'll really matter. Half a packet would probably be more than enough. It's normal to taste very alcoholic right after the primary. IMO, if you want to make something that you can enjoy...
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    Stringy things in my latest brew

    Never made a rose petal wine but I wouldn't worry either, and would just avoid transferring the stringy things to the secondary.
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    Stringy things in my latest brew

    Pictures? Are there just a few stringy things, or is the whole thing stringy/slimy?