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  1. walt3120

    New brew, crazy yeast!

    I see one problem with your experimental batch..... it will be the best beer you ever brewed and then you'll never be able to replicate it again! :D :D
  2. walt3120

    Blow Off or Let Blow Over?

    I just had to do this for the first time. I went to the LHBS and told them I needed a blowoff tube for my carboy and they sold me a three piece airlock and (I think) 7/16" ID tubing. I heated up the tubing end and slipped it over the interior post of the airlock. The other two pieces are not...
  3. walt3120

    Oxygen Permeation and Fermentation Speed

    Is it possible to bubble CO2 up through the bottom of the conical every day or so? That would re-disperse the yeast cake, preventing caking up on the bottom and increase the exposure of the yeast to the sugars in the wort.
  4. walt3120

    Help! First All-Grain Batch and now doing the math

    If you started with 8.5 gallons of 1.022 and your final volume was 5.5 then you can calculate (or maybe estimate is a better word) your starting gravity. (8.5 X 22)/5.5=32 or 1.032 That's pretty low, so maybe your mash wasn't as efficient as it should have been. Forgive me if these seem...
  5. walt3120

    clarification regarding removing labels with oxyclean

    I am a little confused about the residue inside and out. When the perfume and dye free version of oxiclean is used on glass, I've never had it leave a visible residue. If the bottles were not well rinsed after their first use, then they had a bunch of mold and fungus growin at the bottom in...
  6. walt3120

    Partial Mash: Mashing Day Before?

    There's a number of threads where people discuss mashing overnight. "overnight mashing" In their case they seem to have a well insulated mash tuns that keeps temperatures too high for bacterial growth. In your case it seems to me that if you chilled your first runnings quickly and then...
  7. walt3120

    I need help deciding on my 1st batch.

    Ray Daniels' book has been recommended - "Designing Great Beers: The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles" Amazon Link You might also want to study up on basic brewing a bit more, however. The link to the very useful Palmer website was already given. But I recommend his book as...
  8. walt3120

    Newbie doing research

    John Palmer's "How To Brew" website helped me get started. It's got all the information you need to get started. He covers equipment, sanitation and the functions of your tools, ingredients and yeast fermentation.
  9. walt3120

    mashing temps

    The temperature of the mash controls the actions of the starch converting enzymes. There are temperature ranges of optimal activity. Here's one link to help explain. Effect of varying mash temperatures
  10. walt3120

    added priming sugar early??

    There are several priming calculators on the web that will tell you how much of the various sugars you need to add to achieve a carbonation level appropriate to the beer style you are brewing. For instance.... Tasty Brew Priming Calculator
  11. walt3120

    Another infection, help!!!!!

    My old glasss carboy has visible scratches in the neck/throat. Scratches are difficult to clean and a very small amount of organic material may be left in them and there will be bacteria living on the organic matter. Now Iodophor is a great sanitizer, but it can't be trusted to get inside the...
  12. walt3120

    American Pale Ale Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale

    I am interested in that one too. I think I've found the right link.