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    Pulled pork for 40?

    Thanks for everyone's advice on the pork. I started with 40lb of pork in the smoker and cooked at 225 for 14 hours. After serving 47 people I had about half of the meat left over and it was kick ass.
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    Pulled pork for 40?

    So I have a reverse flow smoker that is insulated and keeps temp very well. I have a party coming up and will have 40 people. So how much meat and how long to cook it? i'm thinking 40lbs uncooked and cooking for 12 hours at 225. Any advice would be welcomed. I'm going to cook it friday for...
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    Brew sculpture

    You are correct it is a Coors keg. So no side bung to plug.
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    Brew sculpture

    Here is my sculpture. I have an electric set up so this should be great. Lots to still figure out though.
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    Post pics of your smoker

    The legs are not open. There is a channel up the back the brings the smoke up and into the food area, the heat travels with it and also radiates through the solid steel ceiling/floor. The smoke has to fill the food chamber before it can exit through the exhaust channels that are only 6 inches...
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    Post pics of your smoker

    Here is my reverse flow smoker. 2' x 2' x 3' smoke chamber. 2' x 2' x1' fire box all insulated and firebricked. All insulated. It has 5 cooking racks. This think is awesome. All built from the ground up
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    Stuff on top of my beer

    So I need some help. I went to keg my scotch ale that has been in secondary for 2 weeks and I saw this white layer on top. Is the batch wrecked? Seem one please help. Thanks dan
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    Sweet extract beer

    So I am on my 8th batch of extract and I have have had great luck. But this is my second batch that has come out very sweet not in a row though. I've followed everything to a T and I have been very careful about cleaning and sanitizing. Anyone have a clue? I use a heat stick for boiling and...