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    Hooking up commercial kegs to a former homebrew keezer

    Hi all, quick question for my friend I'm hoping someone can help us. I sold him my keezer. It's the converted chest freezer with a wooden collar and 4 holes drilled into the collar. It has 4 Perlick faucets and some beer line/wing nut combos sitting inside the keezer. He doesn't homebrew...
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    Homebrew equipment for sale.

    I live in Milford, let me know if anyone needs any of my items. Thanks.
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    Those who've moved from bottling to kegging - warm/cold conditioning time questions

    Your question totally depends on the style of beer you're making. There is no universal answer you seek, sorry.
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    Crystal 60 Percentage of the Grist

    You said you're only looking to change the amount of crystal 60, and that you don't like the flavor from your current recipe. .... Ok, lower the Crystal 60 then. Voila.
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    Weissbier Bee Cave Brewery Bavarian Hefeweizen

    I enjoy this recipe but I may have screwed up. I made a 2L starter out of WLP300 for this batch, totally not realizing that it is a massive overpitch. I hit 5.5 gallons @ 1.054, and it's busting away right now at about 66 degrees. What can I expect from such a big overpitch? I'm hoping for...
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    Contest entry tips?

    Correct I didn't mean that at the OP. I should've used the quote function instead of a blank response. My bad.
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    Contest entry tips?

    I'm not sure what is satisfying about purposefully aiming for a category that has 4-5 entries so that you can get a medal. That's like, what little kids want in youth baseball. I just want to make better beer, not collect medals. Case in point, I competed with 3 beers at the largest keg only...
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    Imperial Stout Rapture Russian Imperial Stout

    Is flaked barley a substitute for roasted barley? I've not seen many RIS recipes without roasted barley. Is this normal?
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    Russian Imperial Stout recipe critique

    Thanks. I am not sure yet, something neutral and clean such as W1056 or Denny's 50. Something that can handle the huge ABV.
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    Russian Imperial Stout recipe critique

    Hi all - getting married next month and want to brew a RIS every year on or around our anniversary. I have been studying the style and want to see what you all think of this recipe. 5gal OG: 1.108 IBU: 91 Color: 67 14lbs Maris Otter 60.9% 3.5lbs Munich 15.2% 1.5 lbs roasted barley 5.4%...
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    Help understanding basic water chemistry

    Pretty sure looking back that you're the one that began the "volley", friend.
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    Help understanding basic water chemistry

    Being a hobbyist doesn't preclude you from diving into the more technical aspects of the hobby to create the best product possible, that isn't for professionals only.
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    Two bad things about kegging

    Why do these always devolve into a kegging vs bottling discussion? OP didn't mention that at all.
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    Beer for a wedding on November 15

    Hi all In about 2 months I'll be serving 6-7 kegs of beer at my wedding party. Through some crazy circumstances, the wedding has been moved up to that date as opposed to next May when I thought it was going to be. This puts a damper on my brewing plans because I have a bunch of full kegs...
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    I'm not sure what you want us to say OP. I like hoppy beers because I like them. You don't. There we go!
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    Shaking my head moments

    Maybe you should help educate him instead of running home and posting on the internet about it.
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    1st Homebrew Competition

    Most judges are understanding in homebrew competitions that the beer they're sampling isn't going to be as high in clarity as it would be at home.
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    My homebrew at my wedding

    That links to a totally different thread on my phone
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    Cloning in the Blind

    I can send you 2 Hearted if you want
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    Our "Summer of Brewing"

    *scratches head*