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  1. theonetrueruss

    Aging In A Keg

    It should age until you are happy with the amount of flavor acquired. Taste it and decide.
  2. theonetrueruss

    So I met this girl...

    I recommend asking some of these people that say she is bat Sh*t crazy what she has done that makes them say that. Then judge after hearing a few stories. If her crazy doesn't mix with yours then walk away. Everybody is a bit crazy. You just gotta find crazy that works with your own.
  3. theonetrueruss

    Still making bad beer after 30+ batches.

    Have you tried brewing with someone else who makes beer you like and doing one of their recipes with their guidance? There must be something off if after 30 batches you can't get a good one.
  4. theonetrueruss

    no carb after two weeks

    Wait a few more weeks at the 66-70F. It will carb. no magic here
  5. theonetrueruss

    When is it too cold to brew outside?

    anything under 30F and I say it is too cold... I did this last brew session at about 20F and it was too painful. I just wanted to get done. I do this because I enjoy it so if I dont enjoy I dont do.
  6. theonetrueruss

    I need a sanity check....Long Story About the Wife

    should have just collected evidence and hit her with it in court
  7. theonetrueruss

    Sparging Questions

    Looks like that is what they want you to do. The first pass through should set the grain in the strainer and the second pass through will filter out many more particles that are best kept out of your beer.
  8. theonetrueruss

    Can't get under 1.020 FG! WTF am I doing wrong?

    Need to know recipe, original gravity, process (all grain? extract?), and specific yeast strain to help.
  9. theonetrueruss

    Motorized Monster Mill MM3 Pro Build

    got mine up and running this weekend... test run with 2 lbs of grain in video. I am somewhat convinced that I would have failed without the motor mount. It allows getting the tension on the belt right. Next weekend will be the first brew day with grain milled in it. Took me a day longer to build...
  10. theonetrueruss

    Motorized Monster Mill MM3 Pro Build

    ok.. worked out which hex wrench to use.. but the darn set screw doesn't seem to come down far enough to contact the shaft of the mill. It gets stuck right before it comes through the hole... Do I just need to apply a lot of torque or perhaps is the part possibly defective? Is there some other...
  11. theonetrueruss

    Motorized Monster Mill MM3 Pro Build

    Ok.. I got my sheaves. Sometimes the smallest things in these projects give me trouble. I can't seem to figure what tool to use to tighten down the large pulley. The small one seems to take a hex wrench but for the life of me I cant find the right size for the big one. What on earth am I missing?
  12. theonetrueruss

    Motorized Monster Mill MM3 Pro Build

    I committed and ordered my mill and other parts. Mill got here quick-damn that think is heavy. Makes my old barley crusher feel like junk. I decided to go with the pulley system and a 1hp motor. Got it for just a little more than the 3/4hp. I figure with that much power getting stuck and...
  13. theonetrueruss

    Another beer put down to frement another low OG

    I'm not seeing a real problem. Beer should turn out fine.
  14. theonetrueruss

    Motorized Monster Mill MM3 Pro Build

    Do you know of a gearbox that would work well with say that Grizzly motor? OR another motor gearbox combo? I pushed the button on the MM# 2.0 and am now looking to finalize my motorization setup. I considered the direct drive but just haven't been able to find the parts whereas the parts for the...
  15. theonetrueruss

    Mash in morning, boil in evening?

    You might consider mashing in right before time to deal with putting kids to bed. After they are in bed sparge, boil etc. It will make for a late night but works out pretty well. I do this some and find it works for me in my situation. I went to an electric HLT to facilitate this which let me...
  16. theonetrueruss

    Motorized Monster Mill MM3 Pro Build

    hey- I have a question on the motor power. You say that you would go with a smaller motor if you redid it. Is this just a cost thing or is there another reason for a smaller motor?
  17. theonetrueruss

    Motorized Monster Mill MM3 Pro Build

    nice build I've been looking at what I want to build along this line and I think this is the way I will go. My old mill is getting worn and.. ok its and excuse. I want a motorized mill on a cart.
  18. theonetrueruss

    turbid mash effeciency question

    So, I am doing my first turbid mash lambic today. I am in the last hour of my boil and my gravity readings are indicating a 75% efficiency. From what I have read I was expecting much lower (have DME standing by in case). 75% is about what I normally get from my system. Does this mean I did...
  19. theonetrueruss

    Newbie Question

    There are a lot of potential uses for the left over grains after a mash. Some people put them into bread, cookies, or even I suppose dog biscuits. Even if you do that there will be a lot of spent grain that will go in the trash. I have had great spent grain cookies and bread and do plan to make...