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    Sparkling Wines & Carbonation

    I have read several members threads concerning carbonating champagnes. I wish to add to this discussion and share what I know or think I know so far. I have been making Champenoises for 4 years now so I don't claim to be an expert. Firstly it is important not to follow the wine kit instructions...
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    Weather warnings

    No Air-con available. You must live in the US? I have 400+ bottles so it's quite a lot of work to move them. They are all on the garage wall shelves. I've only had one (fingers crossed I'm not speaking too soon) bottle bomb in 7 years but it was one too many. Makes such a mess. The glass goes...
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    Weather warnings

    Thanks for your reply. I don't have Aircon and anyway the wife wouldn't approve! Nice thought though. I'm not so sure you are correct about the bottles. I am very careful about waiting for the end of fermentation and batch priming 3.04g/L but the temperature is a variable. Bottling at 12C...
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    Weather warnings

    Like many other members I have a large number of maturing beer bottles in my garage. Approx 400. At the moment they are covered with wet tea towels to try to keep them reasonably cool. I have also set up a couple of house fans to help with the process of latent heat of evaporation. Next week I...