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    Can Seamer DIY

    As my design is heavily inspired by other projects, have to ask for their permission. After this I would love to make at least my files available.
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    Cosmic Punch (OYL-402) by Omega Yeast Labs

    Hi, what‘s your experience regarding attenuation? I brewed one batch and reached 84% attenuation. This seems quite high compared to the 71-75% Omega states.
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    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    Hi, What about using the Kegland rapt pill case? This pressure tight, sanitary and has always the same dimension, compared to an pet preform. I suggested this also in the german forum. Maybe somebody can update the pcb? Lukas
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    Can Seamer DIY

    @DuncB the platform is self locking (over dead center leverage) ==> also "handsfree" The initial design for the mechanism is from an german homebrew forum, I just adopted it to make it fully printable.
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    Can Seamer DIY

    That looks great! Just athought from my side: Can fixation could be done with a toggle clamp: This would greatly improve the usability. An alternative would be something similar I used for my counter pressure filler (if you want to stick to your all 3d print approach) : sorry for the crappy...
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    What I did for beer today

    Just for clarification, the right glass is from an Austrian Brewery, not German. ;-) Lukas