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    Brewing in Sugar Land, Texas

    Bluechululappa have you checked out Texas Hombrewers the local homebrew shop its up on fry a lot of the local katy homebrewers hang out up there on the weekend. There is also the Cane Island Alers homebrew club in Katy that has a lot of good brewers. A lot of the homebrewers volunteer at No...
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    Howdy from Houston, Texas

    Welcome from out in Katy.
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    I've ordered from him several times and have never had a problem.
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    Beers in Destin FL

    Definitely get you some sweetwater and cigar city
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    Brewery Incubator Build (Brew Pub)

    Where might someone go to fill out application?
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    Brewery Incubator Build (Brew Pub)

    Interesting idea how will you choose the 10-12 brewers?
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    New brewer from Houston TX

    Yeah I go to No Label every once in awhile. The brewers there are in my homebrew club the Cane Island Alers.
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    New brewer from Houston TX

    Welcome to the forum I'm out in Katy.
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    Can draining the mash tun slower when batch sparging increase efficiency?
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    Another, "hows my crush?" thread

    I have left my Barley Crusher at the factory setting and have been getting anywhere from 75 to 80 I might tighten mine up a little see if I can improve my eff some.
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    Lager Question

    I let my lager sit at the fermentation temp on the yeast for up to a month and never have problems with any diacetyl. My normal way is to let it ferment at 50 for 3 weeks then go to secondary at 28 degrees for at least a month.
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    Fuzzy Logic Brewery

    Where did you get that hose deal for your sparge arm and what is it called looks like a great idea.
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    bazooka vs DYI braided for mash tun

    I have a bazooka tube in my picnic cooler mash tun it works great no problem with small pieces of grain.
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    Hello from Houston!

    I'm a member of the Cane Island Alers in Katy I just saw there is a group starting up in Sugar Land (Sugar Land Imperialist). As far a homebrew stores go I try to do most of my shopping at Texas Homebrewer it's on north fry road.
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    Hello from Houston!

    Welcome sir I'm practically in Richmond myself I live in Katy.
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    Hello from Katy, TX

    I either buy online or I go to Texas Homebrewer it's on north fry near Morton its a newer store so be aware they might not have everything you are looking for but they are good about getting new products in and carrying what you want also the Katy homebrew club is the Cane Island Alers you can...
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    Hello from Katy, TX

    I'm also in Katy welcome to the forum.
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    Waco's First Annual Homebrew Competition

    Probably just having it to host an event Alamo Draft House did one here in Houston and sounds similiar to what they are doing.
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    Two New Alamo Drafthouse Opening in Houston

    This is good news I enjoy the one we have in Katy great beer!
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    FYI for west Houston/Katy/Spring Cypress folks

    Why wait you can join now. We are not as organized as some of the bigger clubs in Houston if you don't have any homebrew to share bring a bottle of something interesting from the store to share. There are no dues and very friendly relaxed group of people. If you do want to attend bring a chair...