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    What I did for beer today

    Brewed a Belgian style witbier with coriander and bitter orange peel. Missed my OG by about 5 points but should still end up at about 5%.
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    Mixed Hop Storage

    I buy in bulk, then vacuum seal in mason jars with my foodsaver vacuum seal attachment and store in the freezer. The hop aroma is as fresh as when they come out of the Mylar package.
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    Question about Lallemand Munich Classic (do you always get intense banana?)

    A less touristy festival in Munich is the Strong Bier Festival. Definitely more 'German' and a lot of fun.
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    Spruce flavored hops?

    Shenanigans, Thanks for the feedback. I will try aging for a month or so and see what happens. I do usually have a high IBU ratio for my CDAs and tend to emphasize the piney notes with primarily Chinook. Cheers
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    Spruce flavored hops?

    So I ordered 1/2 lb of 2021 Spruce infused BC Grown Centennial from Northwest Hop Farms. I've always wanted to brew with spruce tips and I thought this would be a great way to experiment. Since I'd never brewed with them before I tried a 1 gallon batch instead of my usual 5. I brewed one of...
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    Well $h!t ...

    I have the same hydrometer set FloppyKnockers posted about, the three hydrometers in different scale ranges. I use a Tilt during fermentation but always confirm gravity (pre-boil, post-boil, and post fermentation) withe appropriate range hydrometer.
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    Stainless QDs for gas line?

    I use these on my keezer and kegerator
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    Alex, USA Inc

    Found great prices on Taprite secondary regulators at , , but the prices were so much less that other brewing supply sites that I was a little concerned. Has anyone had any experiences with...
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    Water profile is it good?

    Thanks much for the input. So far I am very happy with the water.
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    Water profile is it good?

    Just received my Ward Labs water report this morning. I brew exclusively with this water and so far the only adjustments I have been making are to adjust the pH to 5.4 using lactic acid. I adjust both strike and sparge water. I'm not really sure how to interpret the results and would...
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    Long, Skinny Tray for 5-Tap Keezer?

    I bought a dozen of these on amazon. They were all countersunk so I just had to find the correct screw length so they wouldn't protrude from the front of my oak board. Neodymium Disc Countersunk Hole Magnets, 1.26 inch x 0.2 inch Strong Permanent Rare Earth Magnets with Screws - Pack of 12...
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    Long, Skinny Tray for 5-Tap Keezer?

    Mounted mine with rare earth magnets. Works great and the height can be easily adjusted.
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    What I did for beer today

    Bottled and kegged a toasted coconut milk stout today. tried out the 1.75G keg I am getting for Christmas and bottled the rest.
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    Strawberry Rhubard Ale-Belgian or Wheat?

    I am building a recipe for a strawberry rhubarb ale and haven't decided whether to go with a wheat beer or with a Belgian style ale. Any experience or suggestions would be helpful.
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    Favorite 'Subtle' Hop for Light Lager?

    Try Teamaker, .5% AA. I have been using it for dry hopping. Lots of hop aroma with no significant bitterness