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  1. marbach1987

    Wine lees for bread baking

    Might be a little off topic, but I was just curious if anybody had tried to bake bread with leftover wine lees. Seems like that would of been a practical thing to do before store bought yeast came into the picture.
  2. marbach1987

    Yeast mutation

    What's the longest anyone's reused there yeast? Can you train a yeast strain over time to be more alcohol tolerant, by perhaps slowly adding more sugar to each batch until the yeast mutates to be able to handle more abv? What kind of time frame before mutations would be evident? Thank you
  3. marbach1987

    Perpetual primary

    So it's been 11 days on my 3rd batch and I checked final gravity this morning. I was dumbfounded. It bottomed out at .990 probably before today too. That means I can actually bottle wine at 10 11 days and get little sediment I would imagine if siphon off top. What's more is this winter it's only...
  4. marbach1987

    Carbonating wine

    I just transferred a batch of wine (open fermentation) to carboy og was 12% and 10 days when transferred 1to 1.5 %. I was curious about bottling before it was completely fermented. Old time beer making is done this way but I was curious about the math. Gravity points/abv left to ferment equates...
  5. marbach1987

    Perpetual primary

    Wanted to give update, I just started third batch of same recipe where I siphoned off all but quart or so of wine and sediment then put in my juice and sugar. I was amazed within 4 hours it was actively fermenting. One thing I've noticed in open fermentation is when it's most active the bubbles...
  6. marbach1987


    Can we discuss oxidation I've been reading a little about how some wines are purposely oxidized to alter the flavor profile. I realize that the final result is the alcohol is completely turned into acetic acid or vinegar. Has anyone tried purposely oxidizing there wine, the more details the...
  7. marbach1987

    Skipping racking into secondary fermentor

    I would really like to go from open ferment to bottling, combining more or less primary and secondary without a carboy. I realize it's not everyone's cup of tea, however I would like to know if it can be done without contamination and or oxidation and if so how? Thanks
  8. marbach1987

    Open fermentation

    Really, I was worried about lacto fermentation. I learned something new, thanks
  9. marbach1987

    Open fermentation

    I've heard open fermentation is far healthier for yeast. So say you have two identical batches side by side, one in open fermentation an the other in a carboy with air lock and you give them both 7 days. Will the open ferment have a higher abv and or be farther along in the fermentation...
  10. marbach1987

    Perpetual primary

    Thanks, that's why I figured it would be important to rack to carboy before active fermentation was complete so the (CO2 barrier) would protect it from contamination. I'm really curious about how that will speed up fermentation because you already have an active culture, also how the yeast would...
  11. marbach1987

    Perpetual primary

    Is there any reason why if I was doing the same wine again and again that I could just remove all but some out of fermenter ( I use open fermentation) then add more juice and sugar and start the process over again. Specifically I'm using welches concord. Works for sourdough so I don't see why...