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  1. kqngw

    Midas Touch inspired (I did NOT! brew this with hot rocks.)

    Would like to see what the photos look like.
  2. kqngw

    Spruce Wild Ale

    Wow, this is great!
  3. kqngw

    Making Traditional rice Wine. Cheap, Fun, and Different

    After filtering into an airtight container, the color will slowly turn yellow after a long time. This is the Chinese yellow wine. This is also the ancestor of Japanese sake.
  4. kqngw

    Yeast microscope.

    You're right, it's best to buy new merchandise if you can.
  5. kqngw

    Baltic Porter

    Well, one packet of yeast at high sugar levels should not be enough. I failed once because of such a problem.
  6. kqngw

    How many of you guys aerate with an oxygen tank?

    This is generally not required except for making large batches.
  7. kqngw

    New Member Introductions

    Hello everyone, I just found out about this forum so I joined and after reading the posts I'm glad to find so many people with the same interests. I'm Chinese now living in Korea and my English is not good, please advise.