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    Four-Body CM Becker Secondary Regulator Not Working

    These guys have a pretty good podcast called HomeBrew Happy Hour ( Todd Burns, the owner of KegConnection and James Carlson have given out their phone numbers in past shows when folks have problems. Try giving Josh a call at 325-356-5204. They all seem like a bunch of good...
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    Local Wort Rally

    Cool, thanks. What does a brewery normally charge for the wort? What's their incentive to participate in this?
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    Local Wort Rally

    I'm interested in starting a wort rally in my neck of the woods. Can you tell me the rules of the rally such as what you can do to the wort once received. Sounds like fun.
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    For Sale NH - Electric brewing gear (3 vessel system plus)

    No one answered the phone at Shaw & Louvois emergency line. ;)
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    Kegconnection Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2022 Blowout Specials + $150 Gift Card Giveaway

    Happy Thanksgiving! I enjoyed a home brew clone of New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin ale. Nice habanero kick!
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    Which type of smoke should I add to my Wee Heavy?

    I just made a smoked beer with 75% Sugar Creek pecan smoked malt and it had a nice flavor, not overly strong but distinct. Briess cherry wood has a stronger and sweeter flavor, almost like bacon. Weyerman beechwood has the weakest smoked flavor of the three. You could probably get away with any...
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    Northern Brewer and ship times

    I placed an order 8 days ago, no grain in the order, and it still hasn't shipped. Dropped them an email over the weekend and am waiting for a response. They had a sale on hops and a coupon, for the few dollars I saved it is not worth the headache. Probably the last time I'll be using them.
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    Klarstein Maischfest

    I had both the M&B and the Klarstein Mundschenk. I had a lot of problems with the M&B, I was always getting the E4 error. Finally it died on me and I moved to the Mundschenk. That model is not at all like the M&B, completely different. I liked the Mundschenk, it was easy to use, you turn the...