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    INKBIRD NEW PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!! - 4 IN 1 Digital pH Meter

    Ok, late to the party, stuggled with accurate readings on my current meter - time to upgrade! Pls & thx.
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    Complete Newb to Homebrew

    To the OP / Steve: the Homebrewers of Peoria (IL) meet monthly at W.E. Sullivan’s (Peoria Heights) the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. Food & craft beer (on tap) both good. You are welcome to join in - there is an abundance of brewing knowledge available.
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    Illinois Interest in Central Illinois Brew Club?

    Old thread .... but... FYI: HomeBrewers of Peoria (IL) meet the 2nd Wed of the month at W.E. Sullivan's, Peoria Heights at 6:30pm.
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    ⚡️14.99--50% off for INKBIRD NEW 3-in-1 Infrared Instant-Read Thermometer with probe and Cooking Timer

    Have inkbirds controlling keezer & fermentation 'fridge. Sure - I'll go for one, thx. FYI - rec'd the New Thermo-probe - pretty neat! I like the IR reader and the on screen temp listings by cooking type. Planning to smoke a pork shoulder over the weekend - have other direct temp devices for...
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    keezer condensation

    Two things work for me on mine - 1.) a product called "Damp Rid" - comes in a reusable vented container and has a baffle to allow condensation to drop into the bottom of the container; 2.) a 120mm computer fan (as above) and 12vdc adapter (any dc PC fan will work, this was an extra I had at the...
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    First Brew - Question Time

    Easy way to clean the FV (assuming a similar described FV) - after rinsing, add 1/2 ~ 1 gal warm H20, add appropriate cleaner (PBW, One step, etc), add a small wash cloth (or microfiber) & a stopper. Invert the FV holding the stopper to "restrain the release", and swirl the contents. The wash...
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    Small town Iowa brewery 1873-85

    Ah... the OP was Rockford, IOWA
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    Self-Contained Systems: Real Work Savers?

    Wow - Bobby - really nice work on that setup!
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    Small town Iowa brewery 1873-85

    Been reading that Wahl & H.. text book (above) - it's an early version of the Machinery's Handbook ++
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    Small town Iowa brewery 1873-85

    BrewSJ: Good find - did a search - found that title on google play store books - through the first "chapters", it's basic math & tables. This screenshot of malting. A real interesting read! Thx
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    Small town Iowa brewery 1873-85

    Way kool - go for it. Have relation in "Chuck town", "Mrble rock", Rudd, etc., anyway, as the locals say it. Settlers were Euro origin, so maybe a lager, but lack of real temperature control might say an ale - maybe coordinated hops & sprouts delivery from Euro to get started - will ask...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Knightshade - looking good! A better choice of the day (until work catches up...). Finished my "snowstorm wheat" and krausen is cranking! stay warm folks - ugly outside here.
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    As above - well put by lumpher: sanitation (cleaner, rinse if needed per cleaner specs, and starsan)!, start with documented easy recipes, and write down step by step what you did. It helps to be able to refer to what went well and in case there are future revisions needed in process. The thing...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    A simple AG "snowstorm wheat" - Treated RO h2O, pilsner/wheat with Hall/Mitt and US-05. Have the Anvil in mash mode now, steam condenser standing by. Plan to finish by noon and .... probably be blowing snow in the afternoon (location - mid state IL). Then: relax & enjoy that homebrew ... take...
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    Looking for exhaust tips

    DMS - the secret, if one could call it, is keeping the cooling spray water less than 140F. After multiple brews using the steam condenser (Steam Slayer) on my Anvil - no stink. I'm doing recirc from a bucket & pump with the 9 gph sprayer. My recirc water stays below 125F by adding a frozen ice...
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    Looking for exhaust tips

    Ok - after propane, I invested in an Anvil for inside brewing. Tried all sorts of exhaust methods. Drip, drip, drip. As others above said: steam condenser. Buy it complete from Bobby, or go buy parts. Go find the youtube by "short circuited brewing" and watch the demo. Just do it - it works! (A...
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    Low quality welds normal on kegs?

    It's been a while since I've been in the welding process line of work, but face cracking is a sign of the weld puddle cooling too quickly and shrinking (or not a "good seam fill") - as in travel speed vs "power parameters". Not to say the seam won't hold, but ... sure gives a poor appearance -...
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    Low quality welds normal on kegs?

    I think the pic Q was for the welds (as above) - but to clarify the dip tube....
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    Steam condenser boilover and figuring out proper power percentage

    Sorry - been away. Thanks for the clarification - it's better than what I had envisioned - same as the old jars with a flat seal.
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    Low quality welds normal on kegs?

    I have not seen/used the newer slimline - mine are older - the normal ones. That said, a word of caution on Torpedo kegs - check & replace the dip tube o-rings often. The dip tube(s) is a two-piece (flared tube & sleeve) design vs a large flare of the normal dip tube. 1.) The 2-pc design tends...