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    CO2 Tank on the Cheap

    Also check out hydroponics grow shops nearby. They do tank sell/swaps and it’s usually decent price. Paintball shops nearby also a good source to get tanks. Most co2 I see is food grade and you are swapping tanks anyway Good luck. Go for the 20lb as it will last you awhile and great for...
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    using hop bags

    I have one of these stainless mesh canisters and they are excellent for dry hopping in fermentor or in serving keg. You can load it up with whole hops or like 2-3 oz of pellet hops. Easy to clean and reuse. I just add a coffee filter on top before screwing lid on as the bigger holes in lid let...
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    Does this Kegerator look worth $150

    Bought many in my day. It’s basically a used $100 fridge with a single tower. Offer this joker $75 and move on if he does not bite the hook. 5lb co2 tank, regulator, new lines, and ball lock adapters will be needed minimum. Keep the Sanke tap that likely comes with it for the keg party for the...
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    Recharge the Freon?

    some great tips from others above. love the technical/trade school drop off idea and i need to try that with other projects over my head. i have a bunch of kegerators and many gotten on the very cheap on craigslist. i love it when they still run cold and all i have to do is change out the usual...
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    Show us your Kegerator

    4 keggers in total all working 3 double taps, 1 single 3 at main house basement, 1 at lakehouse barn All Craigslist scores 1st score was a copper topped vintage kegger for $50 that I upgraded with a scrimshaw carved horn tap handle and added a vintage nautical chart map of our local cape cod...
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    Why no higher end picnic taps?

    i had a little 5cu ft keezer setup with two 5gal cornys in it but did not want to do the collar thing so just used two picnic setups with a common co2 regulator feeding both kegs with shutoffs so no leak worries. was cleaning the plastic picnic tap between keg replacement and was disgusted...
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    What is your favorite yeast for a British Brown Ale

    Muntons ale yeast. Cheap and effective. Made a nice Newcastle brown ale clone and it came out pretty close just a little drier.
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    New or used co2 tank

    O-ring exactly. They get chewed up clicking on off the gas post connector and just the tiniest tear will slowly leak all your co2 out. I get my white plastic ?nylon regulator/tank washers at Airgas but any supplier will do. 20lb is great as last a long time and can have lots to force carb or...
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    New or used co2 tank

    I have a 20lb, two 5lb, and a 2.5lb in cycle running 4 keggers at 2 houses. It’s kinda like my 8 propane tanks. Refill when in date and swap out when recert needed. Try and get aluminum tanks as the steel kinda rust at bottom and stain flooring as you are swapping them around. I have an Airgas...
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    Trouble filling SodaStream tank

    My buddy in TN refills those sodastream bottles. He buys a bunch empty on Craigslist. Goes down to local grocery store and gets a piece of dry ice (solid frozen co2). Takes the valve right off a bunch of bottles. Lines them up. Uses some oven gloves and puts a chunk of ice in a clean folded...
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    Upgrading propane setup vs switching to electric all in one

    50amp plugs need some serious thick wire from panel to outlet. At least 8ga and if longer than 50ft go 6ga. I just put 50amp outlets in garage and my barn for new Tesla coming and can’t skimp on safety with big loads like heating elements and thick copper is not cheap. But the bonus is electric...
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    Pictures of hop plants

    Crystal hops came back and running up the tree. Centennials are banging hard already and my cascade are not far behind em. Spring has sprung.....
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    Keezer Died - Need help with finding a suitable replacement

    Hey guys was shopping for new microwave last night and stumbled upon these 5 and 7 cu ft freezers on sale at target this week. Had several in stock at both my local stores. seemed like a good deal with $50 and $70 off. enjoy. Brew on! Galanz 5.0 cu ft Chest Freezer Galanz 7.0 cu ft Chest Freezer
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    "Coke Style" Pin Lock Corny Kegs

    Just convert them to ball lock and get new covers with the ring pull pressure release. Roughly $10 each buying stuff in bulk on Amazon or eBay. Another idea is just rig up a pressure release valve to a pin or ball lock gas port adapter and discharge as needed to release pressure. I usually just...
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    Need help deciding on which grain mill to buy

    My first post here so go easy on me please! was toying with idea of grain mill and saw some incredible Presidents’ Day deals and stumbled upon this. Would need a hopper of course for feeding larger quantities but I think it’s pretty rugged, adjustable, and the wife’s kitchen aid stand mixer has...
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    NEipa and kegging vs bottling hmmm..... I have done both, on the same batch even. I always brew 5-6gal batches, usually from extract for the malt addition, but a pound of quaker oats soak in muslin bag for 20min gives you that nice haze and creamy pillow mouthfeel. I used Wyeast 1318 London Ale...