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    Water for extract brewing

    i use spring water for all of my extract brews. 5 gal is only about $5 at my grocery store so it's not too bad.
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    Anybody try Northern Brewers new LME?

    i just picked some up for an IPA i plan to brew this week. im basing it on a sierra nevada pale ale clone recipe but with a few tweaks and obviously the NB specialty LME. we'll see!
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    NB smashing pumpkin question

    primary for 3 weeks then bottle. i'll check a bottle after 2 weeks and see where we are at.
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    NB smashing pumpkin question

    bottled this yesterday. i used real pumpkin and 2# of 6-row in the mash. im not really a clove fan and i thought the spice pack that came with the kit was way too clovey smelling so i used a heaping tsp of "pumpkin pie spice" i found at the grocery store. i believe it is just cinnamon ginger and...
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    NB smashing pumpkin question

    it should still be ok. the late extract addition is to reduce any off flavors that may arise with the extract boiling for 60 min and caramelizing. i think it also gets rid of the "homebrew" taste that extract beers can have. i dont think it will be too big a deal with this beer though because...
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    NB smashing pumpkin question

    sounds like your smack pack was smacked. i would contact NB about it. im sure they would either reimburse you or send out a new yeast packet. their customer service is pretty good i have had missing items from kits etc a few times and they usually ship out a replacement right away.
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    NB smashing pumpkin question

    brewed this last night. i just followed the video on their site as far as incorporating the real pumpkin into the mash. I thought the spice packet they supplied was a bit too strong on the cloves for my tastes so i substituted a homemade "pumpkin pie" spice mix. As of this morning it is bubbling...