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    New to co2, regulator question.

    Looks like its for the mfl fitting that u connect the gas line to
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    First Post - SIMPLE electric BK ?

    I would wait a few weeks, brew hardware will be selling pre made heatsticks soon Sent from my iPhone using Hom
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    BrewStreams - Homebrew News Aggregator

    Good initiative! Thanks for the new time-suck :p
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    Help wiring panel mount fuse holder The inline fuse holders from posi lock might be what you want. I used these and they were very easy to set up.
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    Help my beer is smokey

    I have had good luck soaking my element in a mixture of 1oz starsan and 2quarts water for a day...after soaking all the black burnt on stuff cleans off easily
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    Insulating pad?

    I use a block of 2" well enough only negative is any drips onto it are permanent
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    Tall 5 Gallon Pot? Try this link.
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    diy bar for outdoor october wedding

    Search the term "krute" on the diy forum....sounds similar to what you are looking to do. Good luck with the build!
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    Bacon beer?!

    In my experience smoked malt lends a bacony flavor
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    110v Recirculating eBIAB 2.5 gallon batches

    Very cool info. Makes me wanna try it :). Does anyone know if this element would work? Looks like it draws the same volts and amps, but I am definitely not anyone you want playing with electricity.
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    Fun Growlers

    The stainless Brauler looks pretty cool (if u can find one), the hydroflask looks cool too (and is vacuum insulated i believe)
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    Does it offend you?

    If it's being said without malice, who cares? Why does there need to be a line? Words are only as powerful as we let them be. Name your beers whatever you like.
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    Custom Carved Tap Handle

    Nice! Definitely want to know when that website goes up!
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    Online kegerator purchase question

    I had a great experience with