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    Michigan Brewer's Hardware RIMS tube

    Definitely interested, let me know if it's still available.
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    Virginia Perlick 630SS faucets, new

    I'll get in line, if they're still available
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    Colorado 15" Hinged False Bottom

    I'm interested in having one made, 15" with hinge and base just like one shown. Using for inverted keg mash tun. Please give me quote to 02809, thanks. Brian
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    California 6 pass cold plate

    I'll take it if it's still available
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    Massachusetts Draft Beer parts

    pm'd on stout faucet and handle
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    North Carolina 12" SS Bazooka Screen

    beringbrewer is in RI, so shipping is an issue, I withdraw my submission for ease of transaction. Thanks
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    North Carolina 12" SS Bazooka Screen

    I'll take it for 14$ shipped. Do you take paypal?
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    Blichmann beer gun for sale

    interested if you still have it, shipped to 02809
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    West Virginia Like new Perlick 545 flow control faucet

    Does this have the ball for flow control, or the cone. Basically does it work on standard shank. If yes, then I'll take it.
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    Minnesota Lots of homebrewing equipment, kegs, kettles, fermentation chamber, misc

    interested in megapot and biab bag if you're willing to ship to 02809
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    2.5 gallon keg

    I have two of these and have run 4 to 5 batches through each of them. They work great, put them in an igloo 5 gallon cooler to take to party's or picnics. They disassemble easily and clean up easy. Do have a little stain on top around handle weld, but otherwise look as good as new. Will probably...
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    Single tap tower

    Interested in tower, [email protected] . shipping to 02809. Thanks
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    Random keg parts

    I'll take brass tap and shank sent to 02809. Thanks
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    CO2 and Beer gas regulators

    Interested in co2 if still available 02809
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    I need Help! 2.5 Gallon Cornies Needed...

    I have two of the Chinese kegs and have put two different batches through them without any problems. A little rust discoloration around handle welds but this seems to wash off. So far I'm pretty happy with them.
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    March MDX-MT3 pumps for sale

    Interested if you still have pump, let me know.