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    Bottle carbonation

    I had the same problem until someone in the forum suggested a gentle shake of the bottle to stir up the yeast and wait 2-3 more weeks. Surprisingly enough I had great carbonation. I'm pretty sure it was the wait but I've been inverting my bottles since then.
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    Bringing home the bacon.

    I'm a physician-General Internist with special interest on Bariatric Medicine. In essence I specialize in treating overweight patients. Due to the hectic schedule of my work, I don't drink that much. Maybe 1-2 beer per weekend at most. I'm sure most of you want your physician alert and...
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    Noob questions

    I would say, make a list of all the things that you would need and check it twice. I have found that preparation is 90% to successful and enjoyable brewing. Think about the location, sanitation and cooling process. I find the odor very pleasing and fragnant. I use dry yeast which I...
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    Finally ready to begin brewing

    Yeah, I've purchased supplies from midwest, northernbrewer, and austin home supply. Got a glass carboy shipped for a flat rate. Pretty good deal. Yes, the prices from any of the above sites are very reasonable. I got a Deluxe equivalent Kit for approx $129 plus shipping. The point is, you...
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    Finally ready to begin brewing

    I envy you because the first time is always the most memorable. I too recently got into brewing. I would say that you can never have too much. Most people buy more stuff anyways as they brew more. I ended up with both glass and better bottle carboy. Seeing the fermentation is pretty cool...
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    Dirty Fingers Beer

    Yeah, my son (4.5) and my dtr (2.5) like to see everything that I do. My dtr stuck her face into the fermentation bucket once, took a couple of breathes, declared it yucky and ran away. My son likes to play with the equipment, until I got him involve by explaining what I am do and letting him...
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    Cool Fermentation, Then Hot Fermenter?

    I believe most experienced brewers go with a modified chest freezer for lagering. I do not believe a conventional fridge can get below 40-35 degree reliably. You use a Johnson Temperature controller to regulate the temperature. However if you live is a small place, a freezer or fridge may not...
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    When I add lemon juice to Heinkein's, it seems to soften the skunky flavor. But, boy! I never understood what "skunky" beer was until I had Heinkeins.
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    banged my glass carboy

    haha...nice. I usually ferment in my downstair bathroom in the shower area. It's the coolest and also have the most consistent temperature. I also figured that if it overflows, I won't have as much of a mess. I can just spray the area down. Thanks for the input. Feel better.
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    banged my glass carboy

    Looking for some input... Have a new 6 gallon glass carboy, while moving it, accidentally banged it on the side of the toliet. as a result there is a pin size scratch on the surface. the inside appears ok. I'm wondering if it will cause a problem using it to ferment? It appears to be a...
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    sugar adjunct?

    thanks, I'll keep that in mind, will probably avoid it.
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    sugar adjunct?

    does any know the advantage of using additional sugar adjunct in addition to the DME and malt extract? Is there any difference in taste? or is it basically not worth it.
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    Ice to chill wort?

    if you buy bottle water, can't you just put it in the freezer until near frozen, or do the same thing with sanitized water bottles? You can probably just stick it in the freezer for about 4-5 hours and then pour it into the wort. I think may be easier than trying to cut the bottle? I suppose...
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    Still have a horribly disappointing problem

    BTW, any chance any one know what burnt DME taste like in beer? I haven't burnt one yet, but I'm wondering if you burnt your DME while boiling it? I guess you would know if your pot has a brunt mark at the bottom, but I'm thinking not always the case if you keep stirring.
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    Doubled The Priming Sugar!! Help!

    gushing after 2 days? Won't most young beer gush after 2-3 days due to the fact that the carbon dioxide haven't had the chance to disolve into the beer? I guess I would give it some more time plus I'm not sure what you can do anyways. I'm not sure if you want to keep opening and releasing the...
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    fermentation chiller methods

    so summer is here, and temperature is warming up. I have been looking at various ways to cool my fermentation and from what I can find there are about 6 different methods: 1. wet T shirt or towel method over the fermentator +/- a fan 2. son/mother of fermentation 3. Mini-fridge attached to...
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    saving opened beer?

    BTW, thank you all for helping me with my brew, I found 99% of my questions answered through various threads and searches. Question, what is the best way to save left over beer? Sometimes but not always I can't finish an entire bottle. what is the best way to save the rest? I use glass...
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    arrogant bastard, ruination, stone IPA

    Ok, so my brother in law introduced me to Arrogant bastard, ruination and stone IPA from Stone Brewer. This is my first experience with this type of beer and I have to say that it kicked me right in the butt! A very strong, aggressive take, hopped to the max, and an astringent flavor?...but at...
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    bottling camp vs kegging camp

    I know that there is a lot to say for kegging vs bottling. But I have to say that while bottling is more work, I do enjoy the process of opening a beer bottle, listening to the hiss and watching the head develop as you pour. In addition, I do enjoy looking at all my bottles lined up like...
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    does chilling the beer affect the carbonation?

    Does anyone know if chilling the beer have any effect on the carbonation? Room temperature vs 70 degree vs 40 degrees. I bottled some of my batch in Grolsch bottles. I opened one after 1.5 week and basically blew the swing top off the bottle. It was like opening a champagne bottle. It...