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    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Mini-Fridge Kegerator Conversion

    How about a false top? Make one out of timber, so you can screw the tower to it, and recess a drip tray into it, and then either glue it on, or screw some "locators" ino the timber so it just sits on top but can't move. Looks like the coolant lines in the freezer section don't come all of...
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    Can't find these pics

    Although I think I like this one even better, as it utilises the original door and keeps it attached. Is there anything Homebrewers can't figure out? :ban:
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    Can't find these pics

    THAT'S the one I was looking for! Thanks!
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    That right there is some funny ****, I don't care who you are!
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    Bottle Caps for a bartop?

    That looks fantastic!
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    Can't find these pics

    Did a search, but can't find the pics. Rececenly someone posted pics on how they added a small box onto the front of a bar/dorm fridge and convereted it to hold more stuff. Anyone have a link?
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    Dropped Better Bottle, how to remove dent

    Not at all! I have fixed MANY a fuel tank or exhaust pipe with this method. Just monitor it, and catch it when it has popped so it doesn't go too far and ruin it.
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    Dropped Better Bottle, how to remove dent

    fill it with water, cork it, freeze it
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    Welding is not so hard

    Well, there you go.. More fantastic information that I did not know. I have a MIG that I have been using for years, and i have been paying the rental on a tank of Argoshield that only gets used 2-3 times a year. I also own my C02 tank, but never knew I could use it as a shielding gas. I am...
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    Irish Stout Ó Flannagáin Standard

    I just brewed this as my first AG batch on my own equipment. 3 weeks later, it's kegged, and it's AWESOME! BREW THIS BEER!
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    Brew Hut Raising Weekend - 4/25

    She's pouring beer?
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    My Kegerator Project

    I didn't think Magnets stuck to Stainless Steel? Not enough Carbon in it....
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    Your Ultimate Car

    Dude, the people who design supercars spend more money making a car STOP than you are talking about to make it go. 800BHP doesn't do you any good if you can't go around corners, stop, beat the wind resistance etc. If you want to further your argument, then talk about the Z06 Carvette, a true...
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    Your Ultimate Car

    This is a Faster One
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    Cover songs that are better than the original

    U2 and that pompous Bono get OWNED! YouTube - Johnny Cash