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    Boosting ABV midway? Which sugar to use?

    Should be okay. Ascorbic acid = Vitamin C.
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    Apfelwein questions...yeast, carbonation?

    Personally, I say keep the sugar and go with Nottingham yeast. In my experience with a couple of gallons it came out to be what my roommate and I were looking for all along. He had a couple bottles of a nice, still apple wine with honey that were good - but we both enjoy the sweeter...
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    Primary Fermentation

    Well, I wont be able to help figure this out. The cider has made the trip with me and seems to be fine (maybe a little more than fine if a bit of the vodka from my airlock made its way in).
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    Primary Fermentation

    Well, mine started around 1.090 and its down to 1.040 - on lees with plenty of time to go still. I'm only making one gallon in the cider jug so should I just throw on a cap and make sure it doesn't get too pressurized?
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    Primary Fermentation

    *bump* I am wondering the same thing. I am moving across two states over the summer and have a wine going - should I try to transport or leave for 3-4months?