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    RIP Mike Tasty McDole

    I think Tasty was the most influential person in modern homebrewing. So much knowledge and always willing to share what he knew. RIP Tasty!
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    Looking for good resources on (pro)brewing. Experiences with paid forums.

    Try Lots of great information that relates to commercial brewing.
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    Reducing ABV

    Partigyle!!! Brew a 1st runnings higher gravity beer and a 2nd runnings lower gravity beer from the same mash.
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    Warm Fermented Lager Thread

    Sorry but S-04 is nowhere near a lager yeast. I am sure you will make a drinkable beer.
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    Yeast harvest, oxidized?

    Wouldn’t worry about it. When I make a yeast starter I am intentionally oxidizing the yeast on a stir plate.
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    Homebrew alcohol sticks around longer?

    I have noticed a difference as well. If I want to really party and drink 4-5 commercial beers in a night I am pretty wasted and the next morning is not fun. Seems like I can drink the same amount of homebrew and not feel nearly as drunk and the next morning isn’t bad. And yes the ABV’s are...
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    Are piney hops dying/dead?

    I just brewed an APA with chinook, centennial, and Columbus hops. I love it but it is definitely an old school Pale Ale. It’s what we drank in the early 2000’s
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    "you won't save money homebrewing"

    You are looking at it all wrong. Do you eat out or get food to go every meal? Think of how much you would save on kitchen appliances and accessories if you never cooked. I see all my Brewing equipment as an extension of my kitchen. It’s almost always cheaper to prepare a solid home cooked...
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    "you won't save money homebrewing"

    I save money. All grain and buy grain and hops in bulk. After figuring in all my costs I am around 40-50 cents per beer.
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    Legal to trade brew?

    California.....the land of a million laws and little enforcement. California has some of the most liberal homebrew laws of any state. I can even sell my Homebrew as long as all proceeds go to a non-Brewing related charity as part of a special event.
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    Legal to trade brew?

    I have been approached by a craft beer bar owner to do exactly that. Actually he wants to sell it. I asked him specifically about the legality. He kind of rolled his eyes and said it wasn’t a big deal. A five gallon keg goes so fast it would be on tap and done before anyone knew. Plus with...
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    Legal to trade brew?

    I don’t see a problem. If my buddy buys me beer at the store and I pay him the cost of the beer plus a little extra for his time did we break the law? Is my buddy now an unlicensed alcohol seller? Heck....he didn’t even check my ID! See how ridiculous this argument can get. No one cares if...
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    Homebrew at a charitable event

    Contact some local Homebrew clubs.....they should know your local laws. Here in California it is pretty loose. I pour Homebrew at charity events on a pretty regular basis. T-shirt sales is how I make my money back.
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    Double ale stopped fermenting

    I agree IF the beer hasn’t finished fermentation. However in this case the beer is done. OP’s expected FG was 1.024 and he is sitting at 1.026. What is swirling going to do? The beer is done.....time to rack into the barrel.
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    Double ale stopped fermenting

    I wouldn’t swirl risk oxidization issues. Your beer is done. Rack into the barrel and call it good.
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    Double ale stopped fermenting

    The predicted FG for that recipe before barrel aging is 1.024. Right now you are at 1.026. You are good. I would rack into the barrel. Why do you want to take the FG down so low? It would have a negative impact on the taste of your beer.
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    Sale at - $4.47 per Pound

    I just ordered 3 lbs of various hops in half pound increments. If they aren’t packaged well then I vacuum seal them in mason jars and store in the fridge.
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    Stone Brewing sues MillerCoors for Trademark Infringement

    Stone’s legal case seems a little dubious. But it is brilliant marketing. Let’s face when was the last time you even thought about Stone Brewing much less bought one of their beers? Now we are talking about I said brilliant.
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    Hop quality from different US regions

    I have often wondered if we as homebrewers get subpar hops in general. It seems like our “market” would be full of lesser quality hops.
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    Selling wort

    Totally legal. You aren't selling alcohol you are teaching them how to brew.