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    Dark Lord Clone - help with recipe/technique

    I brewed a 13% IPA using the cal ale yeast and I just did it with a starter. It was a fairly large starter to be sure, but I didn't feel the need to brew a beer for the yeast cake. I did read the part about letting the beer get into the upper 70's and thought that was probably going to be too...
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    Dark Lord Clone - help with recipe/technique

    Well, I just got back from DLD '10 last night, and I'm now ready to give your clone recipe a shot. I converted it into a partial mash recipe, hopefully I'll show up at DLD next year with a few bottles to pass around.
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    Weekend haul from Sam's

    Are those Bear Republic beers in 12oz bottles? My local beer store guy swore he could only get them in 22's.
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    Shopping carts with cars for children

    Haha, nope. I just don't see what's wrong with just letting the kid sit in the normal shopping cart, that's all I got when I was little. Maybe I'm just feeling left out I never got to sit in a fisher price car when mom took me shopping. Think of it more as a mindless mumbling then?
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    Shopping carts with cars for children

    Now, I have to say, first off I understand the purpose of these things. Food shopping can sometimes take over an hour and little kids need something to do. But, that being said, I absolutely hate those shopping carts you see that are the fisher price car, then a shopping cart. Then end up being...
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    Oatmeal Stout

    + on the Samuel Smith. Or if you feel like coming into Philly, go to Triumph, their oatmeal stout is my favorite, and their best beer if you ask me.
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    REAL Philly Steak Sandwich

    Was going through old topics looking for recipes and saw this and had to weigh in. First off, nice recipe Yuri, pretty much the same thing I do when I make one at home. Geno's over Pat's, although both skate by on reputation now. Last time I was at Rick's in the Reading Terminal that was very...
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    Beer Braised short-ribs recipes?

    So I'm making birthday dinner for dad tomorrow and we're having braised short-ribs. I've made them before, always using a wine based braising liquid and this time I figured I'd see if I could find a beer based recipe. So does anyone have one? I was thinking something like a barleywine, olde...
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    Best Beer in a can? (Raceday)

    You should check and see if you can find some Sly Fox. They do their pale ale and pils in cans. Apparently it was a six pack of the canned pils that won at the GABF too.
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    Best Beer in a can? (Raceday)

    I'll second the Dale's Pale Ale. I once heard it described as SNPA in a can so you can play softball with it.
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    Bartender Rant

    I guess its me, but I expect someone to take a little interest in the work they are doing, even if they don't like it. I used to wok in a B&N Cafe, and even on days were I was in a bad mood and didn't want to be there I still did my best to be friendly and helpful to a customer, and I didn't...
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    Home Depot/Igloo Drink Cooler Closeout

    Last time I was in the one in Lawnside they only had the Rubbermaid, I don't remember seeing any Igloo. Then again, I wasn't looking for a cooler.
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    Closest clone to Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout? I haven't made that kit, but I've made some of their other kits, and their oatmeal stout kit and those have all been excellent.
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    What you like/dislike about brewpubs.

    My favorite local brewpub has couches. Now this may not sound like that big of a deal on the surface, but I gotta say. Its pretty sweet when you just want to go in there and chill with some friends for a while. Its really pretty hard to beat sitting on a couch at a pub. As for what I like in a...
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    The hop shortage Jim Koch is selling off 20,000 lbs of hops at cost. Less than $6 a pound, it looks like this is aimed at other craft brewers, but maybe they'd be willing to send some love to us homebrewers too.
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    Miller makes lite craft beer

    Oh yeah, Lew is the man. I just have some sort of weird vague hope about these that some Miller fan will end up trying them, liking them, and then be at like my house for a party... see I have no Miller beer, but that there IS something with the word amber in the name, try a real amber ale...
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    Miller makes lite craft beer Some tasting notes from Philly area beer writer Lew Bryson. Anyone seen these anywhere yet?
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    Am I the only one annoyed by beer store clerks...

    I think it matters to an extent. Certain glasses are curved certain ways to concentrate aroma, and in some cases even to attempt to have the drink hit the proper part of your tongue first. There are other things to consider too, such as when you serve champagne, the point of the flute is to keep...
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    Upon trying my RIS "Wow it really tastes a lot like Guinness" Giving a Fat Tire clone that I had named Fat Tired and Lazy to a friends girlfriend, and upon her learning the name: "Wait! why'd you give me THIS one?"
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    I guess this is actually where my question is coming in, because I do understand how the zest is creating the distinctiveness of the cello. However the non-citrus flavors that I've had have been very celloesque. I was just wondering if that's how it turns out, or if maybe there was some secret...