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    What got you into homebrewing?

    My son got into it last year, and bought me an equipment kit for Christmas. He went all grain not long after, and now I'm preparing to brew my first AG batch. So one equipment kit, 8 extract kits, and lots of money later, and I'm officially gone off the deep end. :D
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    Let's talk auto insurance

    I'm not quite as lucky as some. I drive an 08 BMW, my wife an 08 Infinity, and my daughter an 07 Ford Focus. My daughter (22) had two claims on her last year for minor accidents, but both were her fault. Can you say "BIG BUCKS"? :drunk: The question I have is, which companies will cancell...
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    Bayou Burner Problem

    I actually did work for big blue until last year, and I have this handle on so many boards that I haven't gotten around to submitting change requests for them all. I hope a replacement burner works out easily. The last thing I need is a long phone battle with anyone. :) I will update my...
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    Bayou Burner Problem

    First let me say hello to everyone. I found your board a few weeks ago and I've gotten a trememdous amount of information from all of you. Thank you for making my beer brewing experience all the better. :D I have somewhere around 8 extract kits under my belt now and have been slowly...