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    Isolate and use wild yeast

    Pretty difficult. It's not just one wild yeast that ferments. It's both a succession and smorgasbord of different yeasts. Some that die at 1-2% abv, some at 4%, etc that all ferment simultaneously. Hard to manage mixed cultures like that.
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    Yeast recommendations please

    I've definitely had d47 ferment cider at lower temperatures(Just leave it in the shed). I wasn't really paying attention to fermentation speed however.
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    Pear vs apple cider

    $5 says it was an actual perry pear. Like (apple) cider, perry/poire/pear cider is much improved by fruit actually intended for fermentation. You know, like wine, that elusive moonshine specific corn, etc. Stuff that eats well doesn't necessarily ferment well. It does remind me more of a...
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    Mead with Dehydrated Fruit/Herbs?

    Given the amount some grapes have(and ferment just fine), I'd be super impressed at a tea with enough acid to impede fermentation.
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    Surface molds growing in raw wild cider

    I'd love to see that study too.
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    New SafCider Yeasts Arrived!

    They do look interesting. Let us know how it goes!
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    Crab apple cider stopped at 1.014? (Newbie)

    I would definitely pasteurize or chemically stabilize if bottling at 1.014. But 82c for 20 minutes is way overkill. I don't know if I'd pour water that's probably 60c/140f degrees different than ambient on glass either. 149f/65c for 10 minutes is the usual recommendation. But WSU did some...
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    Mark II Corny Keg & Carboy Washer vs Bucket Blaster-anybody used?

    I despise cleaning carboys, and I'm looking at getting one of these before my next racking/bottling day. Anybody used these? Comments? Criticisms? I'm leaning towards the bucket blaster, so I can use multiple buckets for multiple solutions(plain water to start, then a cleaning/sanitizing...
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    Do tannins mellow?

    Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't. I don't know. But why would there be crushed apple seeds in your juice? Typically cider isn't fermented on the pomace; you're fermenting pressed juice and leaving the pomace(and any possible crushed seeds) behind.
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    Do tannins mellow?

    Tannins are completely independent of the seeds.
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    A must called Grapple? Hmmm

    True enough. I don't like heavily tannic ciders. Once my bittersweets finally fruit, I suspect I'll blend them down more than normal.
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    A must called Grapple? Hmmm

    Does concord make good wine though? Wine grapes are often like cider apples-different varieties, maybe(probably) inedible.
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    Surface molds growing in raw wild cider

    Unless the container is oxygen permeable.
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    Need help with Apple choices

    It will vary somewhat between harvests, and especially between climates. I'm not sure how much, but enough to swing classifications for some apples, definitely.
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    Wild yeast cider - need help

    double post
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    Wild yeast cider - need help

    What's your process? Equipment? What varieties? Last fall I juiced half a dozen perry pear varieties and a couple culinary, and the only issue was blet. Which is kind of the opposite of thick and coarse. A rented correll cider grinder/press combo had the juice flowing at~50% yield. If...
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    Clearing Ciders & Jam Questions

    I definitely wouldn't add heat to fruit, but considering jam is already brought to boiling and then spends time in a water bath or pressure cooker-you might as well heat it up to make it more liquid before dumping it in the cider.
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    Cider Yeast Selection

    Honey does not really contain any nutrients for the yeast. So mead will ferment a lot faster/healthier with some added nutrients. Considering just about every cider will ferment dry naturally, even low nutrient apples have enough nutrient. That doesn't necessarily mean it wouldn't benefit from...
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    Perry fermenting strangely

    Airlock or lid might not be sealed, so the bubbles are escaping in a less dramatic fashion? I've had some ciders with very little to no krausen. Isn't krausen formed by yeast/protein interactions? Not as much protein in apples.
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    Clearing Ciders & Jam Questions

    I don't know if anybody has ever really tried adding jams to ciders. What's the point of adding pectin to a cider(keeving aside)? When you say you want the flavors in jams, it's going to be much simpler to add the raw products(not counting pectin) to the cider somehow, not jam. I would...