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    Getting back into brewing

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    New Jersey Bunch of stuff really cheap - NJ pick up only

    I have a bunch of beer making stuff I need to get rid of. These kits were all purchased around February, March and April and come with kit instructions and hops for the all grain kits. Also have some other brewing stuff. What I am hoping for is that someone will pick this up and share with the...
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    5 year old beer ... what to do?

    Thanks for the link ... that is very cool! I will definitely try this tonight.
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    5 year old beer ... what to do?

    I'll try it tonight after a few "normal" beers ... need to work up to this :D
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    5 year old beer ... what to do?

    pics below :eek::eek:
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    5 year old beer ... what to do?

    still breathing ... that's a good thing :) The batch in the bucket looks disgusting ... will not be trying that! Looks like cheese making when the curds and whey separate. The batch in the carboy (glass) looks great. Took some out and tasted it ... reminds me of a weak Hennessy White ...
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    5 year old beer ... what to do?

    Alright ... going down to taste some of it ... :tank:
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    5 year old beer ... what to do?

    Just looking for opinions / guidance. I brewed 2 batches of beer (5 gallons each) about 5 years ago and still have them in my basement. Both batches were brewed, yeast added, fermentation completed with airlocks and the airlocks were filled with water for over a year. 1 is in a glass carboy...
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    It's a yeastie feastie!!

    Congrats! :mug: Just be careful, this is an addictive hobby :tank:
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    why do some recipes have steeping grains and some not

    My two cents... I have seen steeping grains included to increase head retention and mouth feel as a main reason for inclusion. Wheat beers and wheat extract produce great head retention and mouth feel due to the inclusion of wheat with the barley. Just a couple of reasons for steeping grains...
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    Can I make a cheaters lager using WLP 0129?

    In regards to the Kolsch acting like a lager, from what I have heard, it does... good luck. :mug: Wyeast 2565 --- An ale strain that leaves a subtle, almost lager-like maltiness in beer. Ideal for German Kolsch-style beers and fruit beers. Low flocculation, attenuation: 73-77%. Ideal...
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    Home depot 5 gal water bottle--as a fermenter?

    I use the Home Depot one for a secondary from time to time, use a #10 stopper and you will be fine.
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    I've bought a few kits from them and they turned out great. I like the fact that everything is sealed and they are not cheap on the ingredients. My local hbs can be a little cheap on the ingredients if you buy a kit from them. I would buy from them again.
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    Corrado's in New Jersey

    I've been there a few times and they have an interesting array of items. I would agree that it is more geared towards the wine people, but that doesn't mean that they don't have a decent selection of beer supplies. If you are looking for beer bottles, books, dme, yeast, chemicals and other...
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    Austing Homebrew Supply Sucks [er..Problem solved]

    nothing to see here
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    Good going out of business sale...

    Mine was canceled:(:(:( too.
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    Why should we add hops at different times?

    For us new people, could you explain why it is wrong? Thanks :mug: