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    length of time in secondary

    please dont beat me up for this one but have not been able to keg a bass clone yet and just wondering. left on yeast cake for 2 weeks then went to secondary cold crash and been sitting for about 3 weeks. question is this -- is there a difference between that time period being carbonated vs...
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    high gravity beer lag times

    david, dont play leapfrog with a unicorn!!
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    high gravity beer lag times

    do high initial SG beers have a longer lag time to begin fermentation in general even if have sufficient yeast amount????
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    is this enough???

    Is one vial of white lab yeast enough for 5 gallons brew or should I make a starter???
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    You Cant Explain It So Dont Even Try!!

    Appreciate all the responses -- yes, it is AG. Yes, I mean missing by .02!! I have not calibrated and will do so now. I have always wanted to push out several of the same beers to check system/yeast/technique and then dial in from there but always get excited about having multiple beers in...
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    You Cant Explain It So Dont Even Try!!

    Ok, so you looked - now have a try. Although a noob I know enough about every conceivable variable involved in fermentation yet just dont get why I miss my FGs so consistently. I am always off by .02 - .03 in FGs and thats with Oxygenation/two liquid yeast vials/strict temp control etc!! I am...
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    confused in LA

    Very Perplexed. Brand New Dual Regulator For Kegging From Midwest Has Been Working For 1 Week Now. Came Home Tonight And Pressure Gauge Says O (get More Gas Zone) . Keg Pressure Is At 10 Psi And Still Have Serving Capability And When Disconnect Still Have Active Gas Coming Out????? Is This...
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    the only noob question never asked - really

    eschatz, Yoda, is that you?? High pressure propane heads to heat. Are you saying what I want to hear and that is the reduction in volume POST boil would have given me that body Im looking for??? NICE!!! THANKS, DOC
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    the only noob question never asked - really

    Have been perplexed by this result. Brewed AG kit Amber Ale as first AG. Mash temps were high at 160 and although original SG into primary was on and fermentation seemed good, the FG was slightly off. IT IS THIN - LIGHT BODY WITH MINIMAL MOUTHFEEL EVEN AFTER FORCE CO2 TO KEG. Did look at notes...
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    looking for the truth

    Definitely will check instruments cause just dont make sense to my little mind.
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    looking for the truth

    Doing AG but by kits thus far. Fixing to change that to own recipes and will adjust accordingly. I consider my FGs to be way off as if supposed to hit 1.021 am coming in at 1.03 -1.04 ranges??
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    looking for the truth

    thats whats weird - I did miss temp once big time and mashed at about 160 and the result was certainly thin/less mouthfeel etc but I have even nailed the temps/extracted almost cane syrup out and still feel like I stall at these low ale ferm temps. Just scared to let temps creep up at expense of...
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    looking for the truth

    OK, I am a newbie to AG but so far I have not had any major screw ups - my beers are palatable. I am just looking for the truth here. I can hit SG targets into the fermenter with a process that has been successful to date and I religiously ferment ales in the LOWER range temps ( even lower...
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    keep yeast sludge?

    Racked first AG to secondary today after 3 weeks in primary -- the 3 inches of yeast cake/trub etc -- should I keep it or is that a pain. Understand propogation savings etc but good idea or not?? How do handle it if save?? thanks, doc
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    col crash question

    Have an AG in primary carboy now for 3 weeks - by SG has been done. Do plan on kegging into kegerator/fridge with system. Do I gain anythng but duplicate work if I rack it into secondary carboy/crash temp in fridge/and then go into kegs or should I just go right to kegs and carb?? thanks, doc
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    hop question

    My AG yesterday went well - hit all temps and SGs - however after boil and rack into primary I sampled the SG sample and was shocked about a very sharp/bitter taste on the front side of the taste and then the sweetness/nuttiness of the brown ale late in the taste. Is this the hops or...
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    taste like question

    Did my second AG this am and thought everything went like a charm on a Brown Ale kit from Midwest supply. Hit temps/numbers etc but tasted the SG sample and I hope I havent invested 6.3 Trillion dollars into this hobby for nothing. Wow -- this stuff was very hoppy/sharp flavor -- is that just...
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    sparge time length

    How long should the initial run off time be and then what about the batch sparge run times??? How long is recommended to let sit after adding sparge water before draining in batch technique???
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    thick - thin mash question

    Bobby M, I am glad you responded. Dont get the big head but every noobie has to have a homebrewing idol -- I have your web site as a favorite and have learned a ton from you already. I guess I didnt want to bring up the thick/thin issue up outright -- my first AG missed OG and although...
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    thick - thin mash question

    Second batch Ag going up this weekend.. First had 9 pound grain bill and this one will have 11 + . First went well although slightly off on OG/FG but wandering about the strike/mash water volume this time round. Using beer smith at 1.25 qt/pound and the roughly 3.5 mash / remaining 3.5 gallon...