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    30 Smack Pack Starter With Multiple Strains - All Expired

    One of our brew shops just discounts the yeast half off with no guarantee. I've never had a bad batch but only doing five gallons I presume the risk is low.
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    Muddy Creek Brewing Co. Brewery Build- Start to Finish Thread

    Not having cooled tanks is going to be your biggest problem. Dropping the temp might help, but what do you do when God decides to have a warmer summer? My best advice is to utilize the phenolics you are given and adjust recipes to compliment them. It's not a flaw if you can make it house...
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    Brewing what you've got

    I got a bag of old malt and stale hops...i'm thinking of doing a bakers yeast low gravity prison hooch style ale.
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    Bottling day!

    I get champagne bottles free from a few places. I don't care that the glass is green. They hold more volumes of co2 and are far less likely to explode. If I get a bottle bomb from a champagne bottle I know it's time to quit brewing.
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    Whole Leaf vs. Pellet Hops: Dry Hop | xBmt Results

    I think the subjectivity greatly depends on the freshness of the hops. It's not that one is better than the other. It's which hops have the fresher preserved compounds.
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    Hefeweizen input

    Rice is actually fine. I've done it with good results. It will lighten the body of the beer, you may also want to add 1/2lb of oats. They'll amplify the spicey character a bit. It will also counteract the effect of the rice. The oats can add spice and you won't have a beer that tastes like a...
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    Staying Healthy while Brewing

    Drink less beer and more exceptional beer. Brew the beer you like to session away at and purchase the bottles you intend to share with close friends and family. Homebrew tastes better when beer taste better when friends are boasting about it :)
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    AB Super Bowl Ad

    I think the ad is great. Bud is a no frills drinking beer. Lot's of people just want a light lager with less hops. Bud isn't that great. But I think it's rather absurd that craft brewers are going out of their way to make "different" but not necessarily better beers. The "easy way." I think...
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    Failed to carbonate the Dubbel

    How much sugar did you add? Sometimes you can simply put the bottles in a warmer area to rouse the yeast. If you shake the bottle and see gas bubbles, I wouldn't sweat it. How long has it been?
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    Thin body issues

    Yeah use a bit less priming sugar if you bottle...I think 1/4 cup table sugar. I did with a stout I made which only came out to be 3.0 ABV...but it was full bodied and not all too syrupy...Just slightly viscious with nice bubbles. You are fine. Just let it carb up. Stouts and Porters take...
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    Muddy Creek Brewing Co. Brewery Build- Start to Finish Thread

    Try producing a keg of the stout with regular gas instead of nitro. I used to get Old Rasputin from north coast on CO2 at a local bar...The brew master argued with the owner about it, but the owner insisted he found the beer to be much more bold on CO2... I gotta say nitro stouts are great but...
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    Glass carboy explosion

    The easy way to avoid it is to use aluminum foil wrapped around the neck with a tiny hole poked...if enough pressure builds up the foil will just be pushed off. A gummed up airlock can build too much too fast. After a few days you can switch out to a regular old airlock.
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    Bottling day!

    Bottling is a pain but a bottle conditioned beer is a thing of beauty. Especially when you pour it and get exceptionally good head retention. Today's craft beer from the shop are largely over saturated with anti foaming agents. I like the natural wonder of a beer that has a lemon meringue like...
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    Beer prices - yikes

    Sculpin is cheap compared to MIkeller. How about 18 bucks for a single twelve ounce bottle. I absolutely refuse to drink Mikeller beer. I don't care if it is good. I'm not paying for it. Sculpin is alright but I'd never buy one again. It's just another good beer among many. How about Russian...
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    Going All Grain

    Start brew in a bag to get familiar with grain profiles. Each person has individual tastes. Some people like using more than others of various specialty grains. I personally love smoked malt and special b.
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    Talk me out of an Extract brew or not.....

    My recipe is simple... 3lbs wheat malt extract 3lbs pilsner malt extract 3lbs smoked malt for steeping. add lot's of early addition bittering hops...big alpha hops then finish the last 10 minutes with aroma. Use safale 05...simple, smoky hoppy good beer.
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    Pliney the Younger is here!

    It's a largely hyped up beer. The beer used to be much smoother. For the past few years I've noticed a hotness on the alcohol. Earlier batches when the Santa Rosa brewery was first open actually had a higher ABV and smoother finish. I don't think the beer is bad, but it's not nearly as...
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    Cooper's Traditional Draught

    it will be good. sometimes we forget how good low gravity beers are.
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    Easy PBR shrimp

    Sometimes simple is better. Sometimes lazy gets the job done. Sometimes the unbelievable happens. Cheap beer cooks better than hoppy good stuff. Recipe pretty basic. Uncooked, shrimp, any shrimp, peel and clean if using big prawns. Lightly coat in flour....the shrimp. Sautee the...
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    Heirloom tomatoes

    Sun Gold is a great producer and good quality. I also enjoy the black cherry tomato. They are thick skinned and not the greatest eating alone. But they sauce up nicely. I like the Japanese Black Trifele tomato which is really stupid considering it's just another russian heirloom black tomato...