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    Trying to pick up where I left off.

    I joined this forum a little over 10 years ago. Lets just say, I have dropped out of the classroom for a while. Since that time most of my brewing equipment has been "borrowed" out and/or turned into garden art and flower pots. My beer kegs actually made a really cool hydroponic system ;). I...
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    audaciter ale

    Recipe: audaciter ale Brewer: phrogg Asst Brewer: tadpole Style: Irish Red Ale TYPE: All Grain Taste: (40.0) this turnd out to be a good batch... whole hops and 6 gallons of water to this grain bill. no starter. taste good after racking to secondary. i was supprised that it taste extremely...
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    Rip David Carradine

    i couldn't wait to get home from my classes in college, fire up a bowl and watch re-runs of kung fu on TNT... it's prolly the reason i failed some of my classes. david carradine was the actor in some of my favorite movies and tv shows. you should all go to you-tube and watch death race 2000...
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    i love my neighbors (notice the sarcasm)

    i usually don't hear gunshots till round 10... nobody bothers to call the cops round here... just move to new orleans
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    brew babes

    i got use to rawhidin it in college... money was tight and there weren't any girls around that left lotion in the bathroom... i tried icy-hot once... HUGE mistake
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    do you blame john for cheating on kate?

    all you he man lovers need to watch this
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    do you blame john for cheating on kate?

    he-man's gotta be like 80 now... i think his man card has gone and shriveled up... i think he swung to the other side when he was adam too... he was just into that leather s&m fettish
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    brew babes

    at least she didn't catch you rubbin one out redhanded like mine did. it took her to actually go to a councilor to tell her that men just have to do that once in a while, otherwise they will explode. after the councilor asked her y she didn't masterbate, she shut up and now we have sex again...
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    A brew to age...for 10+ years!

    i've been sitting on a bottle of muscidine wine for 8 years. didn't brew it. but that's all i got. i'm just hopin it gets better with age :-\ that muscidine wine is some tart stuff
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    do you blame john for cheating on kate?

    i'm sure if i weren't married to an x-cheerleader... i'd be completely oblivious to that show myself.
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    do you blame john for cheating on kate?

    taking up for your girlfriend? i was drunk and posted it on the drunken ramblings forum while it was in the background. if i watched the show, i would say i watch the show. calling me insecure only really proves that you don't have any nutz and can only start an argument behind your computer...
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    Hefe fermenting temps?

    this was related to a sulfur taste a user encountered even though he followed the recipe to the letter.
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    do you blame john for cheating on kate?

    i didnt use the wrong quote... i quoted myself and the reason ive actually seen the show. i dont believe my testicular fortitude shud be questiond. im sure everybody that has a wife or girlfriend has seen or at least heard about jon and kate, those little people in this big world, or ace of...
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    do you blame john for cheating on kate?

    deez nutz are still right where they're supposed to be... in ur mom's mouth sweetheart
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    Best pickup lines....

    GET IN THE TRUNK BITCH!!!!! that's all i got
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    do you blame john for cheating on kate?

    i try not too watch it, but it's allways on in the background while i'm on the computer reading about beer... and drinking beer... what do you tell a woman with two black eyes???? NOTHIN, YOU DONE TOLD HER TWICE
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    do you blame john for cheating on kate?

    i personally would have probably punched her in the mouth the first episode... lol
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    neverending fermentation

    well i did the bee cave hefe and couldn't get the wienstephan so i had to go with the wb06 yeast. i pitched on the 16th and that night had blowoff within 5 hrs. with at least a gallon and a half of head space. that week fermentation seemd to slow dramatically with only a half inch of krausen...