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    My brew dog, Lolla (like Lollapalooza).
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    Poptart, breakfast of champions. Ha!
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    Haha, yeah yeah yeah! I knew that would come up at some point. I know it's not very original, but really wanted to do something that honored my furry friend.
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    Holy crap, that's awesome!! Thanks! Um, I'm kind of attached to the colors of the dog, as it's supposed to be a Vizsla (pic of my brew dog for attention). But the other colors I'm not terribly attached to.
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    Just sharpened up a bit. The silhouette of the dog is terrible but I'm unsure of how exactly to fix that. Any other artistic ideas on how to make the whole thing better is appreciated also. Thanks so much, I appreciate it!
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    New Illinois home brewer

    Welcome and congrats!! Where about in IL? I'm in Cary.
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    Anybody want to play around with this one?? Trying to clean it up but been using MS Paint, which I know is horrible. Don't have the skills to do much else to it. Thanks so much!!
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    Had my first Dark Lord - disappointed

    I'm not a fan either. It's not bad, but it's super sweet for me. We even had the Portuguese brandy barrel aged variant and even that was very sweet. Though I did have a 2014 DL on tap and it was much better for some reason. I've got a few bottles that I'll probably end up trading for...
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    This Really Annoys Me Pet Peeve Thread

    Just finding out about this did it take me so long??
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    Gardening Frustrations__ The season of the Varmint

    I'm with ya. The damn rabbits have eaten all my plans (jalapenos, green peppers, marigolds, aloha berries) but two of my tomato plants. I'm beyond pissed. The rabbit and deer repellent worked for a few weeks, but now they figured out there's no predators nearby. I let my dog out when I see...
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    Wooden BIAB Stand

    Cool idea on the pulley system. Working on my rig this weekend. Nothing special as I just do extract and BIAB, but I think I'm going to incorporate the pulley system into my rig as well. Thanks for the idea!
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    Barrel-Aged Coffee you guys got me thinking. "Barrel aged" cold brew?? Just use some bourbon or rum soaked chips in some cold brew? Might have to try that this weekend.
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    Does anyone here cold brew? What's your process?

    Agreed! I love mine and it's super simple to use. Makes great cold brew.
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    carbonated cold brew

    Interested! Had a cold brew on nitro at Bow Truss Coffee in Chicago, IL. It was very good! Been cold brewing coffee at home for a year or so, would be neat to have a carbonated version on tap.
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    Kumquat Saison

    Update please!! :)
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    Pellicle Photo Collection

    Here's mine!! La Folie clone 3 months in with Wyeast Belgian Lambic Blend. This is the longest I've gone without tasting my beer. The anticipation is killing me!!
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    Oak aging a sour

    Yikes, I just saw that. I already have the chips soaked in the wine for about a week now. What if I cut the chips down? I was thinking 1oz instead of the 3oz of cubes?
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    Beer Style Diagram - Crate & Barrel

    Check out, they have them there. Super cool. I got one a few months ago for my new brew room.
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    Oak aging a sour

    Sweet, thanks for the info. I'm soaking the chips in some wine for a week or two. I'm replacing the wine every couple days to mellow out the oakiness. I made the mistake of trying the wine after about 3 days on oak, boy was that a mistake!! This is my first attempt at a sour, so I appreciate...
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    Oak aging a sour

    How long should I keep oak on my sour? I'm doing a La Folie clone and it's been fermenting for about 3 months now. The recipe that I found indicated to oak it after about 3 months, but I know with other beers I've only kept it on oak for about 2 to 3 weeks. This sour still has another 7...