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    Hoppy Wheat Pale

    After having drank Fortunate Island from Modern Times many times, I love that there is a recipe. This is the official version from Modern Times Brewing for their Fortunate Island. It is both hoppy and delish.
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    Why is there no San Jacinto/ Hemet clubs?

    Depending where in Hemet you are, the homebrew shop in Canyon Lake isnt terribly far.
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    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    +5 Mosaic/Nelson APA = 19,627.5 gals
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    Let hear how your weekend brewing ended up?

    Brew day started late on sunday, didnt get started until 2:30. Hit strike temp quickly, got mashing and everything set nice. Got good efficiency for once and started to boil. Hops in fine at 60, 20,15,10,5 and then the kids insisted we go to the pool (mind you it was cloudy and 70). So flame...
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    Keezers never get old, do they? My build.

    Sure, I guess that is one way to do it...... hehehe simply amazing.
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    Keg Group Buy (30L - PKA Used) - Los Angeles

    Are these the short fat ones or the taller slim ones? I may be interested and can meet up in LA.
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    Whiskey Barrel Aging

    to reduce loss you can always wax the barrel. Melt parafin over the top 1/2 of the barrel will drastically reduce loss to angels share.
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    Imperial Kiwi Saison randalled through Kiwis.

    Polka Dot? Don't mind if I do.
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    Today belongs in the "Crappy Day Hall of Fame"

    came home last night and my wife informed my that my son popped open the picnic tap on a freshly tapped keg of cider. good times. hope the patio concrete enjoyed it.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    looks like i am brewing, I thought I had finally got caught up with 2 kegs filled. But I came home yesterday and my wife made a passing comment about how she found our son soaked and chanting BEER (he is 2). Turns out he got into my kegerator and opened up the picnic tap and drained a keg onto...
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    Costco is all belgian

    My understanding is the Trader Joes is in part, Firestone Walker. Which makes for a cheap, great beer. TJ also does their winter ale by Unibroue The Costco beer is Gordon Biersch .
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    Costco is all belgian

    I love going into my Costco, Stone, Ballast Point, Firestone Walker, all sitting there, waiting for me.
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    Berliner Weisse Fruit Additions Tweak

    How are the strawberries holding up? I have only had 2 other commercial beers with strawberries and they seem to fade quickly. I love how well they work in a sour beer but am always interested in their longevity (not that beer lasts long around my house). Cheers!
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    Beer tastes like metal

    I find that Magnum hops give off a metalic taste to my palate. Have you brewed this recipe before and have tasted it or is this a new beer that you havent tried?
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    San Diego craft brewers

    Literally you do not have enough time. Pick your favorite styles then focus from there, I work in SD, across the street from Green Flash and there are 5 breweries from my office to the freeway if not more. Rough Draft, Ballast Point, Hess, Alesmith, Green Flash, Wet n Reckless (super small and...
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    Upright Freezer for Cellaring

    Strong shelves to support the weight. Also think about spacing the shelves based on size and number of bottles you have. As with anything, capacity is always an issue so being efficient will be important. The tighter you pack in the bottles the more efficient your freezer will be as well...
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    Sub 1.030 beers

    What a gem of a thread. I am pretty sure I will try a hopped up session, or maybe a petite saison soon.
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    100% brett cider

    Yeah, i was worried about the fact that all the sugars are simple, been debating trying a graff and mashing in high to make the sugars less available for the sacc. I was thinking about a saison yeast too and fermenting really warm (once it warms up a bit out here) to see what it would do...
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    100% brett cider

    Go for it levi, I have always thought some guezes have a similar taste to cider (apple finish), I may pitch some dregs from some sours into my next cider and see how it goes. I can see this as a great experiment, I have only tried different sacc yeasts in my ciders and noticed some major...