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    Blichmann Modular Brewing Stand "Top Tier" (spring 09) this link has the size of the stand. 72 " tall. 48" wide at widest part. Weight is dependent on # of burners. But, it is heavy. I have 2 burners and a shelf and I can only guess it goes 150 - 200 pounds...
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    Double IPA Revolution Citra Hero Clone

    what temp were you at for your whirlpool? meaning were you cooling from the flame out or just killed the flame, covered, whirlpooled the wort and rested. then cooled after. heard it done different ways, so wanted to see what worked for you.
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    arrogant bastard clone

    The recipe in your link is based off the CYBI show and the work they have done to clone this beer. Here is a link to the podcast for this recipe. http:// I have brewed this version a couple times and it will get you Arrogant Bastard if you hit all...
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    Fixing questionable beer

    The something about it... is that something like.... hot alcohol bite sour taste
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    SS Fermentor Options? fixed spelling of supply for ya.. ;)
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    SS Fermentor Options?

    Yeah, for transfering I leave my dip tube at its regular length (joke in there somewhere). I use a picnic tap to pour out about only 1/2 pint actually before it starts running perfectly clear. I then pour just a little for a taste and gravity test. Finally unhook the picnic tap (all very...
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    SS Fermentor Options?

    yes, you need either a air lock or a blow off tube. What you do is attach a gas side quick disconnect to the gas side of the keg. YOu can rig a air lock up to the disconnect with a short piece of tubing. Or, what I do is hook up a hose from the disconnect and run it to a jar of sanitize...
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    SS Fermentor Options?

    Watch the classified section here or eBay for 10 gal corny kegs. They will run $100 to $150. I have one and love it. Plenty of head space for a 5 gal batch. Biggest advantage is being able to do closed transfers from fermenter to serving keg. Beer never see's oxygen.
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    How to create a Black IPA

    Using the old Keep It Simple method, is it nothing more than taking your favorite IPA recipe and tweeking the grain bill to include about 5 % carafa II or III special? Been looking at Stones Self Rightous recipes and 21 amendment black IPA's recipe and it "seems" like this was the approach...
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    Show us your Top Tier configuration

    Who has piped a water line to fill top tier and maybe middle tier? Curious to see how you attached it and how you dealt with the height. To fill the top tier, you would need any pipe to extend higher than the stand. Not ideal to leave it like that. Like to see how someone dealt with this.
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    Kellerweiss yeast temperature

    From listening to jamil on the brewing network, he suggests going low temp on hefe's. 62 to 64 degrees. Let it sit there until done. It's hard to do it that low initially, but try it. It really gets you a great balanced hefe. And I have done this w/ wyeast hefe strain (3068 I think) and...
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    I only tried to use mine to help boil 1 time. A 10 gal batch (99% of the time I do 5 gal) when it was like -5 degrees in jan. stupid time to try and do a bigger batch. Any way, it seemed to me that the wort was boiling around the heat stick and not elsewhere. I had the propane burner going...
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    I use this exact unit for heating my strike water. I bought a appliance grade timer and with that and the heat stick,begin heating my strike water while I sleep. Wake up to 170 degree water. Usually takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to go from 60 degree to strike. About 1 degree a minute.
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    What did PEPSI do with this?

    $20 for corny's though is awesome!
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    help save tart pale ale for party

    Just got home and the keg was well received. A few people who must dabble in beer said it had a fruity background to it. I think the dry hop helped balance it out. So if you ever a faced with a unexpected sourness, throw hops at it.
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    Help with Off Flavor - Last IPA and Pale Ale taste Sour, Belgian-like

    Any chance you reused yeast from one batch to the other? Or we're all 3 of the problem beers made with fresh yeast? What is you current/previous method for sanitizing your hop bag? You mentioned you would change how you would do that.
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    help save tart pale ale for party

    pjj2ba - thank you, that sounds interesting. I am going to see what it is like this Thur night and if the tartness is still there, might try the baking soda. manybrews - I pulled up my beersmith report on this one and see it was brewed 3/25. so 7 weeks in total. fermentation what good...
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    help save tart pale ale for party

    Made a pale ale about 5 weeks ago to serve at a party my wife is having this coming Saturday (5/19). 2 row crystal 60 falconers flight @60 citra @ 30 Cascade @ 10 wyeast 1056 (saved slury) Tried it last night for the first time, and it has a tartness to the aroma and initial...
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    Calling it a "Krute"

    Got any updates to this? I have a party in 2 weeks and was thinking of putting one of these together for it. Interested to see how the skirt ended up looking. Any advice or suggestions for someone trying this?
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    Show us your Top Tier configuration

    When you move it, you tilt it and walk/roll it. Like a large dolly. Therefore no problem getting it out a sliding door.