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    Still making bad beer after 30+ batches.

    How has the beer been turning out?
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    Local homebrew shop closing it's doors. What now?

    If you have certain brews that you duplicate a lot you can get a 5 gallon grain bill and split and freeze the grains into 5 batches. -or- buy and freeze individual milled grains by the pound.
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    Intertap beer faucets

    Did you ever hear back about combined shipping?
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    Yeast Stir Plate - Redesigned to be Smart and Powerful

    You should probably comment on your own thread to 1. bring it to the top and 2. so more HBT members see your idea and hopefully you hit your pledge goal.
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    Can I rescue my beer?

    Check your FG then check again in three days. If it hasnt changed then it's done.
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    Yeast Stir Plate - Redesigned to be Smart and Powerful

    Early bird went fast! Good luck. I have never thrown a bar but all I need is a dimple in the water not a vortex.
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    My beer has no alcohol... why?

    since you used maple water did you take an OG before using it to mash/sparge your grains so you could account for the sugar that was already in the water?
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    Fermenation Chamber - Upright Freezer

    Personally I would go with a side-by-side and use the freezer as a kegerator or a place to store glasses and hops. The freezer you posted looks like it would hold something like 4 fermentors.
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    My beer has no alcohol... why?

    I think using sap instead of water maybe didn't rinse the grains of all their sugar.
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    Larger than normal keg lid

    This may help seal the lid:
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    Still making bad beer after 30+ batches.

    This may sound crazy, ask someone to brew on their equipment. Fermenters and all, maybe even use their keg just to see if removing all your equipment has the same results.
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    Leaking Corny Keg

    That is awesome.
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    Intertap beer faucets

    Has anyone ordered the Intertap shank to know if they are different than normal shanks? I want to know if the self close spring will fit a normal shank or only an Intertap shank?
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    Leaking Corny Keg

    I have one keg that will seal at 30 psi and when you turn it down the lid starts to leak at serving pressure. I ran my finger around the underside of the lip and could feel a dent. Some times they cant be saved or aren't worth the hassle.
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    One more try before I bail

    Just from experience as an extract brewer I never steep my grains up to 170. I will go to 155 and hold there. Then I have another pot of 170 degree water for rinsing grains in a colander. I don't want to chance extracting tannins.
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    How to increase cider ABV post fermentation

    I had to add yeast nutrient to get my cider to finish, due to all the simple sugars the yeast get lazy. To increase the abv you could add fireball whiskey then bottle, adds a nice cinnamon flavor, or boil a predetermined amount of sugar in a little water with yeast nutrient then add to carboy...
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    Keg issues

    Your first issue sounds like you need a new gas post o-ring. Second issue I would remove post and poppet and clean everything, once clean, lube every piece of rubber and put back together. On as side note, first thing I do when I get a used keg is fill it with water and pressurize it and...
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    My Citrusy IPA

    did you really use 21oz of hops?
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    Drunk Brewing

    or put to much sugar and cant figure out why you have bottle bombs.