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    Viva Las Vegas

    by the way you can get a 24 hour pass for the Duece for $5 and it goes all the way from DT to Mandalay Bay.
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    Viva Las Vegas

    I would ride the Duece to Down Town and go to Main Street Station. They have a brew pub that has good beer and great food at great prices. They have a deal on all 16oz brews, one dollar from midnight till 7am. There is also a micro brewery...
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    good starter kit?

    I have never done any type of home brewing so I'm looking for a good starter kit. Have searched the there seems to be a lot of different companies selling started kits but I'm really not sure what all I need and what a good kit should consist of. Thanks for any help.
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    new guy from the Buckeye State

    Hey guys was pointed to this site from a guy from cause I asked about home brewing. I have never done it before but looking forward to getting into it. I love to drink beer and like trying all different beers. Tend to like ales more than lagers and really like the...