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  1. J

    Hay gandolf, nice dress.

    This was posted here about a year ago. It's too bad this is the only song that I like from them.
  2. J

    St. Patty's Swamp Water (green beer thread)

    I have had luck bleaching my plastic buckets in the past. Just make sure you rinse out really well.
  3. J

    No Need to Reply!

  4. J

    Wine Sucks

    Wine is like a California IPA, you need to develop your pallet.
  5. J

    Does anybody else cheer for the yeast?

    Whenever I pitch my starter and I am druck or not so druck, I always gotta cheer: GO YEASTIES GO! My neighbors must think I am the king of UTI's or something.
  6. J

    Brew Masters on Discovery w/ Sam Calagione

    I just hate the fact that the only reason DFH went main stream is because Sam is good at being a media whore and not at making good beer.
  7. J

    Brew Masters on Discovery w/ Sam Calagione

    That's correct, I don't enjoy it. I have had all of their minuted IPA's. I prefer much more late addition hops. I think by continually adding hops, too much gets added early.
  8. J

    Brew Masters on Discovery w/ Sam Calagione

    I really don't appreciate his beer. I wish he would just concentrate on making a good beer rather than trying to be ridiculous. By your over simplified logic, Stone should begin to suck soon. :mug:
  9. J

    Brew Masters on Discovery w/ Sam Calagione

    Agreed. I think his beer sucks too so he really doesn't have much going for him.
  10. J

    Drukest beer run ever!

    Rumor has it he isn't drunk, he huffed some diethyl ether.
  11. J

    Engineer Jokes...

    The glass is not half empty nor half full, the vessel is twice as large as it needs to be.
  12. J

    The best band you've never heard of

    Rise Against
  13. J

    I'm just lucky I guess...

    Look how hard he didn't crash, he still died. Congratulations, you won today.
  14. J

    Move Gluten Free Brewing!!!

    You deserve to be gluten intolerant sir. :( Try not eating any gluten in a day, let alone abstaining from real beer. Shame on you for bastardizing those poor soles.
  15. J

    Organ Transplant

    The sticker is on there so they know as soon as I flatline to rush me to the butcher. My family knows as well. I guess I just feel a little selfish having perfectly good organs and not taking the best care of them, especially with all the people waiting for organs.
  16. J

    Organ Transplant

    Good luck and a prayer for her recovery. Organ donor myself, I always get **** from the cashier for having the sticker on my ID when I pick up a 6er or a pack of smokes. This story makes me reconsider my :mug: and :drunk:
  17. J

    NASCAR and the weekend...

    Maybe he should have brought out the number for the big boy race.
  18. J

    Allergy reaction

    No idea, all other Odell beers don't bother me. Only other beer that has ever done that was a draft dos equis and I blame that on skanky keg lines.
  19. J

    Allergy reaction

    Everytime I drink a 90 schilling my throat swells up. Best cure, benadryl and another different beer.
  20. J


    You can still have malted barley, but it's that dreadful condition our parents always warned us about; everything in moderation.