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    Brooklyn Black Ops clone-ish

    ok so I followed the recipe for the timing. 4 days in primary, 10 in secondary (with the whiskey soaked oak chips and vanilla beans). Bottled it yesterday. FG = 1.028 (which is cool because it was only 1.032 after primary) 9.1% abv so a little less than the 10% target. I messed up the...
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    Brooklyn Black Ops clone-ish

    1.75oz Willamette 60min 1.5oz Fuggles 60 min 1 oz Willamette 30min 1 oz Fuggles 30min 1.25oz Willamette 15min 1oz Fuggles 15 min
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    Brooklyn Black Ops clone-ish

    That's what I would have thought as well, in regards to primary. But the air-lock was VIGOROUSLY bubbling for 3 days and then stopped completely on the 4th. The OG was 1.096, and when i read it after 4 days it was 1.032, so 8.4%abv. I've read that higher gravity can kill some yeasts, wondering...
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    Add excitement and mystery to your design

    I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to talk **** about people's designs. I wasn't talking about anyone in particular or about this sub-forum specifically... I just meant to help. I'm not talking about people who're putting time and thought and energy into their designs... I'm talking about the ones...
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    Brooklyn Black Ops clone-ish

    This is a clone-ish attempt. i'll explain later. ok, so I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of Brooklyn Brewing's Black Ops Stout. If you ever see this stuff for sale, snatch it up. It's unlike anything I've ever drank. completely divine. the label describes it like this: "Brooklyn...
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    Add excitement and mystery to your design

    I've noticed a lot of lackluster label designs out there. A lot of un-inspired quick photoshop jobs... which in my opinion, why even bother with a label at that point? So here's a few suggestions/tips: - the scanner is your friend. try scanning in drawings. look for stuff with an...
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    Rate the Label / Background

    i'd give it a 4/5. what's keeping it from a perfect 5, IMO, is the old english font for the name. It's perfect for the "EST"... but for the name, the letters are a tad too close to each other. obviously readability is lower, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. but I would increase the...
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    Thoughts on this label?

    just a design critique. when you apply the label to the neck, you want 90% of the "important" information to be contained within the circular area, the "wings" to either side are really only for extra info (like a quick description of that beer, or the brewery, or a joke or quote). I say this...
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    Krausen in airlock; switched to blow-off tube

    I need some advice. we're brewing an imperial stout, shooting for super-high gravity. and i was advised to do a blow-off tube into water. (this is my second batch ever, mind you) I'm using a plastic 7gal carboy, stuck the tube into the bung-hole and then into a jug of sani-water. here's...
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    label for our Crunk Rules Everything Around Me Ale

    Hi, this is my first post, just joined. my wife and i just started brewing, we're doing partial-mashes for now... I think we're gonna wait to switch over to all-grain until we can afford to brew 10 gallon batches with a keg. So our first brew was a simple Cream Ale, hence Crunk Rules...