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  1. J

    everyone have a drink for my POOCH tonight

    Just saw this thread ... sorry to hear. I had to put my cat down at Thanksgiving and dread the day when my dog Shadow reaches that point. We'll raise one for Integra tonight.
  2. J


    I'm making my first wine, a Zinfandel/Shiraz mix. One of the ingredient packages says it contains shellfish. I am allergic to shrimp, but not overly worried about this. Is this a common additive to wine or just the home brew kits?
  3. J

    Airlock Question....

    I would also store the beer in an area where if it does explode you can clean up easyily. Luckily I had my last batch in the pantry because I was too lazy to move it to the basement when it went off. Strawberries and beer everywhere. It took me a good month to find all the pieces to my...
  4. J

    Lager question

    When you say lager a beer, you just mean let it sit in the secondary out in the cold?
  5. J

    Berry Hefeweizen

    oh wow. my recipe calls for 8# of fruit, maybe I should cut that back.
  6. J

    Berry Hefeweizen

    I was planning on doing fresh berries ... i'll look around see what i can find. Thanks!
  7. J

    Berry Hefeweizen

    I've got a hefeweizen fermenting away and will soon be to the point where I steep and add berries to the mix for flavor. I'm contemplating using strawberries ... are there any complications or anything that will make them harder to use than say blue or raspberries?
  8. J

    How did you find us?

    my dad directed me here. brewing will soon run in the family as my kit is on its way.
  9. J

    Bare Knuckle Stout??

    I was just down in Norfolk, VA for the weekend and had it. I thought it was ok, sort of like a slightly lighter guinness.
  10. J

    Hey From North Eastern Maryland

    I wish there was one in HdG, then I could walk there. But then again I'd probably spend too much $$. I'm gonna be ordering my first kit sometime this week, hope to start over the long weekend.
  11. J

    hi from pa/de/md area

    Homebrew Cellar 815 Matthews Ave Aberdeen, MD 21001 410-273-7774
  12. J

    hi from pa/de/md area

    I found out through a friend that he runs the shop from his garage.
  13. J

    hi from pa/de/md area

    I work in Aberdeen and saw the address for the place here. It looks like it's a residential address, but who knows. Also, I used to live in elkton, literally across the street from State Line. That place is awesome, I still stop in if I'm ever driving through Elkton.
  14. J

    hello from Maryland, home of the Orange Cat Brewery

    Thanks ... I've had several people mention that place, so I'll probably be checking it out soon.
  15. J

    hello from Maryland, home of the Orange Cat Brewery

    My dad's been big into homebrews and I think it's about time for me to start making some of my own. I'm up in Havre de Grace; any good places up in Harford (or Cecil) County to get supplies?