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    Bore Size on Draft Beer Shanks

    I'm in the process of building a kegerator. My questions involves what shanks to purchase. I plan on running 3/16th beverage line from the kegs to the shanks. I am convinced I want stainless steel for the shanks as well. Is there an issue with using shanks with a 1/4 inch bore as opposed to...
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    Reviews on Millar's Barley Mill?

    Does anyone have thoughts on the Millar's Barley Mill? Here is a link to the web site: There is also a video of it in use on YouTube.
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    Homebrewtalk Carboy Cleaner Giveaway

    I came, I saw, I conquered the carboy!
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    Where did I go wrong?

    The FG of this all Crystal 40L was 1.001, and as dark as Guinness.
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    Where did I go wrong?

    Well, I let this mess ferment....oh it was BAD. Couldn't bring myself to do more than sip this. Sorry, no video. Trust me it would have been ugly! On a high note, just racked an IPA into secondary fermenter that was. Reese with 10 lbs of Pale Malt and 2 lbs of Crystal 40. This is MUCH better...
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    Where did I go wrong?

    Agreed, I will see this syrupy brew through to the end and for my penance, I will give a testimonial here as to how it turned out.
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    Where did I go wrong?

    Well I guess I have mud on my face and probably an awful first all grain batch. The grain bill was my idea. I based it on a partial grain APA I did a few years ago. In that brew I used 2 lbs of Crystal 40L that I steeped before adding DME as the base. I figured that more of a good thing was even...
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    Where did I go wrong?

    Thanks for the information. I used 5-star for sanitation. I cleaned and scrubbed everything with C-Brite and then sanitized with 5-Star, including the yeast packet. The yeast packet was so swollen I couldn't use the tear tab on the package. I did sanitize the knife blade before opening...
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    Where did I go wrong?

    I pitched the yeast at room temp not right out of the fridge. I am getting good bubbling action now with the second addition of yeast.
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    Where did I go wrong?

    On Saturday I brewed an APA. It was an all grain recipe. I used 12 lbs. of Caramel/Crystal malt-40L. and did a two stage sparge resulting in a 5 gallon batch. For the yeast I used Wyeast 1056. After two days in the fermenter, I had no fermentation. I think what happened is that I...
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    Issues with Beer Tools Pro

    I purchased the latest version of Beer Tools Pro. I installed it on a PC running Windows 7. I can't seem to access anything but building recipies, recipie calculator, etc. I thought there were ways to customize Beer Tools Pro where you can add your equipment, calculate mash schedules, water...
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    Plumbing 23 Tip NG Wok Burner

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on plumbing a 23 Tip Wok burner. My set up consists of a single tier brew stand with half barrel sankey kegs. This burner has a half inch female thread connection on it. I have read on a few sites that this burner, being 230K BTU, requires a 3/4 inch supply...
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    Source for Silicone O Rings

    thank you for the resources. I will be sure to check them out! I appreciate your input.
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    Source for Silicone O Rings

    I have been searching the internet for silicone o rings in order to assemble weldless bulkheads for brew pots and hot liquor tanks. The sites I find have nomenclature that I do not understand. Has anyone out there found sources that easily identify o ring sizes? Thanks in advance.